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Hi there! You've found my little home on the internet. So stay a while and look around! I have some Wallpapers, Software, Information Pages, Floppy Disks, Tutorials, Content, Mirrors, Cool Links and lots more! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find something here useful...

This page is under construction!! For real though, all the pages will be moved over to this new domain soon!

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10/14/20 - Updated the Text Files page.
10/06/20 - Updated a bunch of stuff mostly in Personal.
09/14/20 - Added The Adobe Flash Archives
09/07/20 - Updated the Computers Page with more stufffff
07/23/20 - Updated bad tech hacks with some questionable CPU tweaks
07/16/20 - Added Unofficial GTInstall Usage Page
06/28/20 - Added Restoring the Win98 Registry Manually

Previous Updates


My main interest for my entire life. Most pages here are computer-related, mostly of the old variety.
Home to the "famous" Classic Windows Wallpaper, and many other pages.

My Computer Pages

VHS and TV

For the past few years, I've been collecting old VHS tapes from various places, and uploading them on my YouTube channel "back" that I like to call "budget archives". I find these old clips interesting, and I know they're nostalgic for some people.

Budget Archives


Sub-Sites are my smaller pages that aren't really my main interests, from dumb quotes, to video games.

- Off Topic Pages, All the pages that don't fit into a category
- Classic Windows Wallpaper, Finally, The original files from Win3x to XP!
- Minecraft Stuff, A small amount of Minecraft related pages
- Dumb Quotes (iqotd3), A collection of things I have heard
- Unorganised MIDI Index, A lot of MIDIs to listen to
- Reuploaded Flash Games, Some flash games that I figured were worth saving
- Stories (aka Text Files), Text files that are not stories to any extent
- Photo Collection, Somewhat but not really organised photos


Links to those little hidden gems across the internet. Pretty much anything I find interesting enough to go in the links page goes there. It's a shame that the average links page now is "guys check out my instagram!!!"

My Links

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