My Windows 98 Computer

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This is my Windows 98 computer. (secondary)
It is useful for browsing the internet with Firefox 3, writing documents, computer stuff and games.

You can read about how I got the internet on it here.

You can click on the images/computers for high resolution.

This is not the normal location of the PC because I wanted to get everything in the shot.

Motherboard: ASUS TUSI-M (2002)
CPU: Intel Celeron @1GHZ
RAM: 512MB
Hard Drive: WD 40GB

Monitor: NEC Multisync 1530v
Speakers: Altec Lansing ACS90
CD Drive: LG GP65NB60
Other CD Drive: Backpack 194200
Keyboard: CompUSA Win95 Keyboard
Mouse: Logitech... mouse

This stupidly dark image is of where the computer normally

It's dark because my desk is annoying and for reasons*
my camera fell off of it.

This is basically now my secondary computer now so it
stays on the side of the desk.
This desk now has 2 computers on it... wonderful...

The picture on the left picture is older. The computer is
actually not on in this image though. The silver PC is.

The picture on the right is newer but like I said my camera is
a bit broke.

*My memory card fell into the wire slot in my desk that is actually a small box that you have to lift up a flap to access. So, I was moving stuff off of my desk to access the flap and then *crash!* there goes my camera! Giving it a knock on the desk fixed it though. I may update this page.

I revisited this page! Click here!


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Updated Feb 26, 2019