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If you haven't read the original page from 2017, here it is

Yup, here it is. The first image is how the computer looks pretty much year round, and the second is when i'm acutally using the computer.

This is where it normally stays. I don't have enough room for a secondary computer desk, so it's right there beside my primary computer. And yes, I tend to call this my "secondary computer" because I actually use this reguarly. Not just for "nostalgia" / games, but to actually use it when I need to for things like...

Transferring floppy disks, writing school projects, doing memory card stuff, browsing the internet, formatting drives... and maybe playing some snowcraft, I don't know.

WARNING: If you don't like "hack job" computers, don't advance any further into this page. This computer is a mess.

Alright... here it is. You probably have multiple questions, or you're just wondering why I keep this in my room.

The actual motherboard is an ASUS TUSI-M board from 2002 with an Intel Celeron @ 1.00GHZ and 512 MB of RAM.

Last year, the power supply slowly died and then smelled really bad, so I got rid of it. Problem is, it was a propriatary size, and i'm not gonna waste my money buying another PSU that's just gonna die again, so I "borrowed" this power supply from an old Dell. I think it'll be fine.

The video card is a ATI RAGE 3D or Mach64. I know, it's a little old. My other video cards don't really fit the specifications of this specific computer though.

Where's the sound card??? Well i'm using garbage onboard audio that can't play MIDI correctly because my only sound card is ISA, not PCI.

This computer has 2 hard drives for 2 OSes! The drive on the bottom is a 30GB Seagate (I got it wrong in the old page) that has Windows 98 SE, the main OS of this computer.

The second drive is a 160 GB WD drive that I scavenged from a TV set top box that I found during spring cleaning. It was never used, and in mint condition, So I forcefully bent the cover off, and tore out anything that was reusable... Oh um, yes the drive has Windows XP on it now, which I only installed recently.

Here's another add-on that I did: I scavenged this memory card reader from a 2009 Acer desktop that was being recycled. Now I have front panel USB, SD and CF readers!

But really, I don't know if I reccomend this, cause the functionality is... well it doesn't always work.

Here is the computer with the Windows 98 drive plugged in. Not much to say about it, except that my desktop background is a work of art.

This install is a good 3 years old now in 2020. Are you even a real computer user if you don't say happy birthday to your computer?

Here's the computer with the Windows XP drive plugged in. I only installed this a week ago (March 2020), so there's not a whole lot to say about this. Of course, because of the video card, I can't play any good Windows XP games, but good thing I still have all these toddler games.

So yeah, not the most interesting thing, but that's my secondary computer.
I don't know how to end this page. Bye.

Current plans for this computer

New case (I don't want to spend like $70 on a case. Looks like spring cleaning is my best bet)
Sound Card (I'm hoping for something that fits era of this computer, at least something better than onboard)
Video Card (The onboard video sucks, so I hope to get a half-decent card. I already have one but it doesn't work)

And that's really it. What else do you need??

Updated Mar 26, 2020