Dell Dimesnion 3000 Side/Front Panel Removal


This page will show you how to open a Dell Dimension 3000 and remove the front panel.
You don't need any tools, just 2 hands. (Unless you are doing work inside)

This here is my own Dell Dimension 3000.
It is pretty easy to open, you just need to know how to.

You can open the side panel by pushing down on the small backwards "L" on the right side of the back of the case and also sliding the side panel to the left to remove it. The lever is right there under the fan in the middle.

Now you should see the inside of the case. At the front of the case close by the drives is a small plastic snap visible at the top right corner of the case. There is also another small plastic snap in the bottom right of the case. Pull both of the clips towards you and the plastic front panel should come off halfway. It's sort of on a hinge but not really so you need to be holding onto it when it comes off or it will fall off your table onto the floor and possibly break. It will come off like a door with broken hinges.

Now with the front panel off you can clean out the dust or whatever.
(before cleaning)
That floppy drive was so dusty it didn't work! (it still is kind of broken) I was suprisingly able to get some of the dust out using a floppy disk and an air... thing.
When putting the front panel back on make sure that you put it back on "hinge" side first. (Not the plastic snaps). Then when you have all 3 "hinges" lined up with the holes you can close the front panel like a door and make sure both of the plastic snaps snap into place.
Once you have done that you can put the side panel back on. To put the side panel back on, line up the metal tabs with the slots so that the side panel is now laying flat on the case, but there is a gap between the side of it and the front panel. Once it looks like that you can push it on. If you hear a click and it doesn't come back off then you succeded!

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Updated Oct 8, 2018