Hi! I'm "dvd3000" which is a terrible screen name that goes way 
back. You can call me Kat if you want, which is also only a 
screen name.

I've been running this website since 2014. You most likely
found this from my "Classic Windows Wallpaper" page. I don't 
have ads at the moment, because my most popular pages consist 
of content that I don't own, but I might open a donation page 
in the future ;)

This is a personal website where I put things that I think are
semi-worthy of being on this dumpster fire known as the internet.

Most of the pages on this site are related to Computers, usually
computers that are "old and obsolete" by today's standards.

I also host many files for download here, many that I couldn't
find anywhere else on the internet.

I have a sub-site on VHS and Television stuff, which is linked
to my YouTube channel, "back".

I have a section for personal and off topic pages like
Minecraft stuff, "Quotes", MIDIs, Mirrors, Flash Games, and 
Dogs, as well as some more random pages that don't fit into
any category.

Thanks for visiting my "home on the net", and I hope you'll
come back soon!

Related things: A history of this site's logos. A crappy timeline of this site's "history". What does PowerDVD3000 mean? A list of browsers that I have tested this site on.