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dvd3000's Computers

So I have a lot of computers, and I like to talk about them, and you might be half interested in seeing them.

I'm very interested in working on, learning about and building computers, and I'm also a part of the retro tech community, and I have an interest in most PCs from today, going back to the early 90s.

Here's my computers. This is all of them*, even though some of them don't have pages. I do plan to add my next main computer build here, but I haven't built it yet because screw computer part prices right now.

still writing pages for these

Main Computers

Main - it's some crappy Acer for now until I get parts for my new build
Secondary - The Dell DmE520 - Squeezing as much life as possible out of an aging system

Other Computers

The Win98 Machine - mobo died apr 2021, trying to find a replacement system
My Powerful DOS Machine - Custom built Pentium 166 machine running DOS!
My Strange 486 - My ASI 486 but in a different case, AMD 486 DX4-100 running... Windows 98?
The Dell Dm3000 - My friend's old computer, now upgraded with some.. interesting mods
The Dell Latitude C600 - A computer I bought from a guy in a Starbucks in 2014

*there's a few laptops from the 2010s that nobody cares about