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Classic Windows Wallpaper
Original, unmodified wallpapers from previous Windows versions

Classic Windows Screensavers
Those classic screen savers from old Windows versions.

The Floppy Disk File Archives
Shareware, freeware, drivers, and anything that ends up in my pile of disks.

Computer Stuff

Ms Paint Windows 98 Version
Batch File Graphics
VB6 Internet Browser
Progman.exe Icons
Pifmgr.dll Icons
Windows Boot Floppies
Dell Dimension 3000 Front Panel Removal
Activating Windows XP after EOL
Connect to Internet using another PC
Canon Starwriter "C" Clip Art
Windows 3.1 in DOSBox
Fonts Disk!
IDE CD-ROM Driver for DOS/Win3x
Floppy Disk Calculator
A Collection of my Ugly Tech Hacks
Setting up an FTP server for transferring files
My Old Visual Basic Programs
Restoring Windows 98 Registry Manually, (without scanreg)
Unofficial GTInstall usage page
Surfaced Packard Bell Master CDs
The Adobe Flash Archives < NEW


Most of my Computers
Screenshots From My Computers
Computer Hardware List


My Room CRT Television Setup

Website Stuff

Test page: FP95, FP 2003, Expression Web, Word 2k
DerekWare HTML Author
Never spend money on GoDaddy

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