Connecting 2 Computers Together With Ethernet and Wi-Fi

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This page will show you how to connect another pc to the internet using an ethernet cable and Wi-Fi.

This method should work for almost any computer. The computer outputting the connection needs a WI-FI connection or 2 ethernet ports or something...

Note: I only have Wi-Fi in this room. My house is too old to have ethernet plugs in it. There is a plug by the TV though. (computers can't go there!!)

This method has been tested on: Windows 98,XP and 7.

Step 1
is to plug in an ethernet cable to your main PC and the PC that you want internet on... obviously.

Step 2
is to go to the normal control panel and not the stupid "metro" one or whatever it's called. (If you're on Windows 10)
Then use the search bar and type "Network Connections" It comes up as "View network connections" under "Network and Sharing Center"
I don't know about you but the actual "Network/Sharing" page does not have "Network Connections"
Step 3

When you get there you need to right-click on "Ethernet", "Properties" and then "Sharing"

Select the option to "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection".

Now your PC can output it's internet connection to another PC.

Note: The host computer must be turned on (not in sleep mode) to output internet.

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Update: 2019-02-20

For no reason (maybe) my ethernet port died. Seriously. The lights are off no matter what I do.
I do not know what caused this but maybe it's because I wanted the cable to reach a certain part of the room, but it was too short.
So I pulled on the cable and tried to use the other computer to connect and it could not.

So, be careful when pulling on the cable.

The Fix!!

My new way of getting internet is... interesting

So all you need is a Wi-Fi connection, computer/server, and the client PC.

Note: The "server" is a Dell with Windows 7 and a wireless card. (wireless because there is no ethernet in my room)

I did the same things that I showed at the main part of this page and connected all of the wires.
I then just left that computer on and switched the cables over to the client PC.
It's actually more convinient like that because I don't have to keep waking up my main pc to keep getting internet.
After cleaning the Dell it is very quiet. It's like it's not even turned on!! Update: It's not.

I should get Windows 7 on my main PC

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Updated May 1, 2020