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Apr 12, 2022

afk sim stats as of 04/22/22
W.A.Ratio: 49/50054

my roblox account
stop bully at the internet!
the good rbxcity posts
roblox username search
cliff's board
roblox places and objects
the official home of dvd3000s place
someone HACKED my roblox account
epic dvd3000 fanart
i hate display names!!!!
chatlogs from hell
roblox messages
the aawtiymns section

"My life outside of Roblox isn't so great. However, on here I can really do and be whatever I want. This platform means the world to me, and is the best escape from reality I could ever ask for." - Maddie MJD
join clifford pls [not a cult]

new! > some cliffers are also on clifford's world, the only forum!

clifford pls the only group by dvd3000 robloxks

ya i dont really know what this is just join i guess and talk

Clifford PLEASE!!

also dec 7 group logo is by fadedducky
pls participate in clifford pls logo contest and send in a logo on the group wall nobody sends in logos pls just

I am not getting voice chat

who's terrible idea was it to add voice chat to a kids game. and funnily enough it's only available to people who are way too old to be playing Roblox.

To have voice chat enabled you have to send in a valid peice of government ID for age verification. Having to send in any peice of official documentation just to verify your age is RIDICULOUS. And I've been seeing this pop up in social media websites all over, notably Facebook, which I can never log into again due to needing to add an ID.

Having to send in personal information just to access features of a platform, I think is a threat to online privacy and security. Sooner or later we'll just be sending in all sorts of personal info so corporations can know even more about who we are in their efforts to track us inside and outside of the internet.

Also, how much do you bet that Roblox, having the worst security EVER, is going to have another data leak and then everyone's ID linked to their account will be leaked and now hundreds of thousands of people are doxxed? I'm waiting.

Mar 8, 2022

Useful Things

  • Converting OLD MCPE worlds to Java

  • My Stuff

  • dvds opinion on account migration
  • some of my skins
  • old j&h server screenshots
  • my minecraft worlds

  • newest FANART showcase!

    by FadedDucky on 03/23/22

    ~> the hfox has been drawn <~
    view some more!

    my current avatars

    my roblox avatars!


    > feb 20, 2022

    view the whole gallery!

    why, you guys

    previous clifford pls group logos
    (hover for credits)

    if i get banned blame conehead always blame conehead forget blaming john blame conehead always
    Fwiends | Jan 8, 2022 | 5:48 PM

    T-Bone | Jan 8, 2022 | 4:49 PM

    chatlogs from hell
    well, some are from hell. most of them are just proof of admin abuse

    07/27/19 - admin - DVD's Place - twistybrother24 - abusive command logs
    01/01/20 - chat - DDTSOD - MyNameIsJustinn - angry over nothing
    01/05/20 - admin - DDTSOD - dequannewclone - some stupid commands
    12/22/21 - chat - DVD's Place - GamerMani_YT - entitled gamer
    03/12/22 - admin - DDTSOD - ajabbour - just messing around

    roblox messages

    > read messages from bottom to top <
    i believe that roblox messages are going to be the next feature to be removed
    here are some messages i enjoyed. this is not all of them

    03/04/22 - Sn_ape - [URGENT MESSAGE] Malicious Code
    03/04/22 - jerkcrybaby - [URGENT] Malicious script in your game
    02/18/22 - m3rcy2019 - afk and wait till its your magic number simulator
    02/17/22 - 7k_Maximus - old mod for your game
    12/14/21 - heylO_Okhere - READ THIS
    11/30/21 - ARTISAI_JT2T8H - An opportunity.
    10/04/21 - yodude1234 - Heya dvd
    08/03/21 - connor64457 - Yearly Check Up
    07/19/21 - Clearprototype7 - Message 2
    05/30/21 - 31cx3 - idk just another message of me
    04/16/21 - piediepieirl - drive down the slide of doom
    01/29/21 - etzboy67 - good game keep it up!
    12/24/20 - End_GamerPlays - I am once again asking for admin in DVD3000's Place
    11/15/20 - Sashimi409 - vid on game for slide down the large slide
    11/07/20 - MC_M3ntaI - bruh i hate you so much
    10/24/20 - andy12321 - i want to be admin in your place
    10/04/20 - connor64457 - Hi!
    09/01/19 - Rebelutions - ello

    i get one of these messages EVERY DAY

    the first one i got here i edited a bit and made fun of

    dvd3000 on 02/22/2022
    would you rather
    have many cool rare videogame hat?
    and go through many sketchy discord servers and payment transfers to get said $37

    the aawtiymns section

    - afk sim stats as of 04/22/22
    W.A.Ratio: 49/50054

    04/22/22 - 50000 attempts (49 wins)
    04/10/22 - 40000 attempts (39 wins)
    10/16/21 - data restored @ w.a.0/2485
    01/22/20 - data reset @ w.a.29/36235
    11/02/19 - 30000 attempts (29 wins)
    09/08/19 - 20000 attempts (14 wins)
    08/14/19 - 10000 attempts (6 wins)
    07/04/19 - the beginning

    ^ me with ianchua1 on 09/14/19

    - the chance of winning is 1/1000
    - a round lasts 45 seconds
    - multiply 45 by the attempts you have and divide that by 3600 to know how many hours u waste

    the music in this game is really good and sometimes i would leave roblox open in the background while working just for bg music and to get my attempts up (edit rip music). i was once #4 on the leaderboard when i was at 30k in 2019 but the current #4 is 350k so I need to get up again

    most of the OG afk masters no longer play but i see them occasionally so it's good to chat with them again a bit. I don't remember most usernames but I could go through and check my screenshots.

    the first time I messaged ianchua about my data reset in 2020 he did not reply and closed his messages
    so i left afk sim to return later and noticed that ianchuas messages were open again so I asked and he fixed my data + added onto the W/As that i had gotten inbetween

    afk and wait till its your magic number simulator
    i see this game as more than just a "funny sit afk game". when you are in that game with the kind of people who hang out here, you never see the same same things each visit (except autoclicking). I met many good friends here, talked to tons of people, had some of the funniest conversations, and even got to talk about very personal problems and such with people who actually understand. - "i spent over 500 hours of 2019 here" - dvd3000

    thank you for everything
    - to the afk sim community, and of course, ianchua1

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