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Home Page - Computers - May 31, 2020

As of writing this, this website has been around for 6 years, and it had been on free hosting the entire time.

While my site isn't much, I still was proud of how many visits per day the Classic Windows Wallpaper page was getting, and since my website on 000webhost got taken down, I thought it was the perfect time to transfer.
I'm pretty sure you know about GoDaddy if you're here. Because they're everywhere. "build your own website" yadda yadda.

It seemed like an okay thing, so I bought "" on GoDaddy for $70. I then realised I had been tricked!

GoDaddy is sort of deceptive. Like, there is barley any UPDATED documentation on it. They do not tell you what you are getting. I was expecting full cPanel access, FTP Upload, and included hosting (maybe thats asking too much), but what I got was NOTHING.

So when buying a normal domain, you don't even get true web hosting with it, and you especially don't have full control over what you can do with the domain. The only options they gave me AFTER buying the domain, was to use their paid "web designer", or to redirect my domain to another website. I'm sorry but that's stupid.

I buy a domain so I can do what I want with it. GoDaddy is so limited, everything is an extra paid feature, and still you can't get everything you want, so in my book GoDaddy is a scam.

I did end up getting a refund though. I bought again on Canspace (thanks canspace!), and I get full control over cPanel, FTP, E-Mail, and it's all included, not extra paid features, and it was CHEAPER than GoDaddy. Absolutley insane.

(domain on canspace)

So that's my "review" on GoDaddy, don't buy it. It's as restricted as you can get.
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Updated May 31, 2020