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Website Banners

July 2014

From when my webpage was still called "the j.j website"...
The banner at the top of all the pages that would also show what page you were on, and boxes for anything else related to the page.

This is an authentic Windows XP paint masterpeice.

July 2015

This one looks a little bit better...
This age of my website is an interesting one, and while not much of it even exists anymore, I had a lot of fun experimenting with html to see what I could do.

January 2016

This image is a bit copy-pasted because this is just a screenshot of the header.
On the left is the logo that isn't supposed to have white around it, and under the logo was a side bar that went down the left side of the page.
To the right is a plain text box saying that it's my "official webpage", and originally to the right of the text was button links to my favourite pages.

Working on this page was a lot of fun. While it didn't have a lot of pages, it had a "blog" called "the boring ol' writing", and a few pages on random topics. The oldest online surviving page, which is from this time, is the garfield & friends episode list.

Actually, in late 2015 I redid my website as "PowerDVD3000's Website" with the only feature being "the boring ol' writing". This did have it's own version of the logo, but after hours of searching and recovering old data, there is no evidence that this ever existed.
I could remake it in 2 seconds, but i'm not going to.


After I redid my website again, and got rid of the old blue theme, I didn't have a logo.
I can't pin-point exactly when I started using this, because all the data from this time is gone, and I found this very broken page on archive.org, even though all the images are gone.

Anyways, this time of my website is when it started to become more like it is these days. I stopped messing around with big complicated web pages, and went back to the basic pages.

January 2017

In January 2017, I redid my website again, and for the last time. Even though my website clearly doesn't look like this anymore, the basic layout of links and pages is what hasn't changed for 3 years now.

This era of my site was the birth of "Links to places" and "Website links" which ended up growing so large over the past 3 years that I don't know what to do with all these links anymore. At this time, "the boring ol' writing" was in it's final days, and "latest news" was starting to appear.

June 2017

If you think this logo is terrible, you're probably right. I made this with WordArt in Office 2000. Despite being terrible, this was the logo on my website from June 2017 to December 2019.

Why did I replace this logo? There was no real reason, I just kinda wanted something a little bit different. Maybe it's because it didn't fit, maybe it's because it'd been there for almost 3 years, but I felt like having something new.

December 2019

I made this with Ms Paint in 5 seconds. For some strange reason, I feel like it fits more than the old one. I would've kept it longer, but the layout of my website had to go. The links were getting too messy and it was hard to look at.

May 2020

After the website organisation redesign, I needed a new logo. I drew another thing in ms paint then added effects to it and ta-da! This is the current logo of my website, and I think it fits with the design.

Holiday Banners

Christmas 2018 - Unused

I got the idea to make different versions of my logo for different holidays. I would leave them up for a month or more, then replace them with the regular logo again. I never ended up doing this though.

Easter 2020

The square bunny on the side is from a Easter craft that I did. The speech bubble says "Stop eating all the mini eggs", which if you don't know, is a chocolate candy with a shell, sorta like m&ms.