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My Main Computer: Acer Aspire Z3-705

So this is my main computer. Go ahead and laugh.
So yeah, I don't have a custom Gaming PC with rainbow LEDs ligting up my room, I just have a very basic... computer. And I'm not complaining. What more do you need?

I mean really, it works just fine for what I need. I can take playing minecraft at 30fps. I can wait more than 0.1ms for a program to open. Y'all are just impatient.

Here's the system specs. Yes I know, its still on the OEM install after 3 years. I'm planning to back up, then wipe this drive and do a proper clean install.

I cleared up the computer using Uninstall Tool to get rid of all the preinstalled bloatware, and to get rid of some useless Windows 10 Apps that nobody cares about.

I'm sure you have a lot to say about your fancy computer that you're using to read this, but there isn't a lot to say about mine. It's just a slightly below-average computer that does what I need it to do (mostly).

Updated May 31, 2020