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This is a messy page of midi files that I have accumulated over the years.
Organized a-z but not by genre or anything.

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Songs From Lemmings95
A few Christmas songs
MIDIS From the Windows 98 box:

Christmas [DIR]
MOD Files [DIR]
368168.MID the passenger 80.4kb
A_BRIDGE.MID a bridge 7.17kb
ADDAMS.MID addams family 2.87kb
ALMONDS.MID almonds 48.7kb
AMEDLEY.MID amedley (sc test) 29.8kb
ATHLETIC.MID smb athletic 9.73kb
AULD.MID auld lang syne 43.2kb
BALLADE.MID ballade ( test) 6.67kb
BARIMYST.MID barimyst 5.41kb
BEAT_IT.MID beat it 63.3kb
BESTFRND.MID best friend 24.0kb
BIKES.MID bikes 41.1kb
BLUE.MID blue 32.6kb
BOHEM.MID bohemian rhapsody 24.0kb
BUSTER.MID ghostbusters 19.2kb
CANCANP.MID can can 7.51kb
CANYON.MID canyon (win31) 33.0kb
CASBAH32.MID rock the casbah 40.6kb
CHIP02.MID chips challenge 11.5kb
CLOUDS.MID clouds (win95) 36.0kb
CRAZYLIT.MID crazy little thing called love 78.3kb
CREATIVE.MID creative test mid 14.2kb
cssamp1.mid canon cssamp 30.3kb
DANCE.MID sugar plum fairies 20.4kb
DANCING.MID dancing queen 68.1kb
DECK.MID deck the halls 36.3kb
DownUnder.mid down under 51.2kb
ENTERTNR.MID the entertainer 17.9kb
ESC.MID esc 53.4kb
Eye_of_the_tiger.mid eye of the tiger 30.9kb
EYETIGER.MID eye of the tiger 25.7kb
FINAL.MID final countdown 36.8kb
Freedom.mid freedom at midnight 33.9kb
G.MID 48.8kb
GAME.MID game 4.81kb
giveloveabadname.mid give love a bad name 42.0kb
gourmet-race.mid gourmet race 47.0kb
green-greens.mid green greens 4.81kb
HAPPYDAY.MID happy days 10.8kb
Hay Seed.mid hay seed (emc) 24.5kb
HeadOverFeet.mid head over feet 30.6kb
HELLOMYB.MID hello my baby 9.14kb
JAZZ.MID jazz 11.6kb
K3.MID k3 34.2kb
KDEDEDE.MID king dedede 41.0kb
k-heavens-door2.mid knockin on heavens door 45.4kb
LEMMIN1P.MID pachelbels canon 34.2kb
LEMMIN2P.MID one way or another 8.19kb
LEMMIN3P.MID keep your hair on mr lemming 8.19kb
LEMMIN1P.MID let it be 12.9kb
MAPLERAG.MID maple rag 18.7kb
MGCCRPT.MID magic carpet ride 26.4kb
MIDI.MID midi test song... i guess 10.2kb
MINUET.MID minuet 1.50kb
MKDDRainbowRoad.mid rainbow road 77.6kb
MOUTAIP.MID comin round the mountain 9.22kb
NeverGonnaGiveYouUp.mid never gonna give you up!!! 1.50kb
ONESTOP.MID onestop (winxp) 39.1kb
PASSPORT.MID passport (win31) 39.3kb
rainbow_road.mid rainbow road 29.1kb
REGGAE.MID reggae 10.0kb
Right Now.mid Right Now 47.7
RULE.MID rule 31.0kb
SAILING.MID sailing 17.4kb
SANTATWN.MID santa claus is comin to town 26.0kb
SIMPSONS.MID simpsons theme 40.7kb
slappys theme.mid slappys theme (emc) 40.8kb
STAGE1.MID stage 1 30.2kb
STAYING.MID staying 34.6kb
STRIVING.MID striving 63.5kb
STYLES.MID styles 26.4kb
sweet-child-of-mine3.mid sweet child o mine 35.2kb
TAKEONME.MID take on me 34.1kb
TENLEMSP.MID twang 26.4kb
THATSW.MID thats the way 64.0kb
TIM1P.MID rainbow islands 17.5kb
TIM2P.MID smile if you love lemmings 9.16kb
TIM3P.MID lend a helping hand 8.86kb
TIM4P.MID postcard from lemmingland 13.3kb
TIM5P.MID mind the step... 15.3kb
TIM6P.MID dance of the reed flutes 11.3kb
TIM7P.MID rondo alla turca 14.9kb
TIM8P.MID dance of the four little swans 14.5kb
TIM9P.MID london bridge is falling down 8.89kb
tuna loaf.mid tuna loaf (emc) 21.9kb
What Is Love.mid what is love 60.2kb
WHOIS.MID 6.15kb
WiiShoppingChannel.mid wii shopping channel 26.4kb
world.mid we are the world 66.5kb
YMCA.MID ymca 54.7kb

93 Files 2.73mb

modified: sep 12 2019