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This is a messy page of midi files that I have accumulated over the years.
Organized a-z but not by genre or anything.

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Songs From Lemmings95
A few Christmas songs
MIDIS From the Windows 98 box:

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09SILEN&.MID silent night 22.7kb
10BELLS.MID carol of the bells 12.0kb
frosty.mid silent night 18.2kb
HCSANTA.MID here comes santa claus 22.7kb
Let It Snow.mid let it snow 9.13kb
NOEL.MID noel 8.80kb
RUDOLPH2.MID rudolph the red nosed reindeer 8.13kb
sleighride.mid sleigh ride 33.0kb
XMAS7.MID deck the halls 7.49kb
9 Files 135kb

modified: sep 12 2019