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This page holds mirrors that I have made of old long gone websites.
Of course I do not own any of the content on any of these pages.
If you are the owner of the content on one of these sites, and would like it removed, please let me know via e-mail:


Julianne's Background Textures
Section of someone's home page that was fairly popular. This page has hundreds of old website backgrounds. This site was last updated around 2000 (most of the site was from 1996) and was deleted from the web server in 2019.
This mirror also offers a download of every background in a ZIP file.

The MousePad
This was a page that was on GeoCities from around 1996 to 1999 when it moved to a new domain which is now also gone as well. This page has lots of website graphics in gif format. There's 2 mirrors. The first one (late 1996) is in rough shape with missing pages and broken images. The second (early 1997) is much better and has a new home page.

LCTN Humor Pages
A Ton of pages from lctn.com. This site is still online but the server is painfully slow and this page had some broken links. I was able to find some of the pages and make this mirror cause these pages are funny :> Last updated around 2001.

Lou's World
An interesting home page from Geocities last updated around 2004. Has a mini comic strip called "Lou's World" and also some other fan pages for video games and things.

Heartland Community Leader
An interactive house from Geocities from Dec 1996. Christmas themed for that time of course! This mirror is as complete as it can be as there are some broken images and missing pages, but most of the site is intact. Still fun to look around!

Lynx Enhanced Images
Just a page for Lynx Website Buttons.

GeoToon Of The Week
A funny webcomic about the geocities workplace. Seems like a good place to work!
28 Comics - Last updated July 1 1997

Raine Dog
A webcomic by Dana Simpson that ran from 2009 to 2010 (that was never finished) about a blue dog named Raine. Almost all the comics have been recovered but about 6 pages are missing as of 2019, still enjoyable to read. 60 Pages - Last Updated 2010

PBS KIDS: Make a Short
An event that was on pbskids.org from 2002 - 2003. They're shorts that were designed by kids, animated and eventually aired. Interesting page. Converted obsolete formats to mp4. - Last Updated 2003

PBS KIDS: Share a Story
A section of the PBS Kids website where kids can answer questions publically online. There is technically no list, so I made one for convenience.
Some pages are missing, but most of the 154 questions asked are intact. - Last Updated 2006

I'm just trying to provide mirrors please dont sue me!!! ;(

Speaking of that, if you own any of the content on any of these pages, and would like it removed, please let me know by e-mail: and I will kindly remove it for you.