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So, what does PowerDVD3000 mean?

Well it's my old screen name that I made up when I was younger. The origin is pretty stupid.
How it goes is that... I had PowerDVD on my desktop.

That's the whole thing, and while I don't tend to use this screen name anymore, I still will not ever rename my website, unless PowerDVD tells me I can't use their product name.

Everything on the internet requires you to have an account now, and I usually choose from one of my 15 screen names that I use these days. Yeah, I know, I could just stick to one username, but I don't even have much of a personality online anyways. I don't even use social medias except for reddit and "youtube".

I don't have a personality online because I figure that nobody cares about me as a person, so why should I say everything about me and what i'm doing.