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Yes I guess that there is news here but maybe just once a year. Maybe I should start doing news again. The problem is that nobody cares. (Obviously)

Note: Old news is old and probably not true anymore.



After only 7 years of this site's life,
I am finally set up at an actual
domain name. Please update my
old domains.

Latest News: Aug 4 2019
In a while I am going to be adding
to the Original Windows Wallpaper section.
Expect some cool new things there soon!

Latest News: Jan 24 2019
Happy New Year 2019!! Umm... its been
a few years since the last Latest News..
I cleaned up my website! It looks the same
but I cleaned up the HTML and the directories

Latest News:Jan 10 2017
On this Webiste I added a "YouTube Pages"
link in the "Webiste Links" Category on the
homepage. Here you can find more info of the
video and other stuff

Latest News: Jan 5 2017
This website is being worked on and will
become more useful. by the way,
        H a p p y N e w Y e a r 2017!

Latest News:
Computer How-To videos are back! On those
videos I am doing some video editing. The
ordinary computer videos will still not have

8/3/2016 Recently A House Has Been Demolished And I Got It On Video! it will be uploaded as soon as I CAN GET IT OFF THE PHONE!!!!!! but some parts of the video look kind of wierd cause at first i was holding the phone upwards witch puts big black bars on the side. the i turned it so its widescreen. then when the phone ran out of battery i FINALLY found my camera after soooo long and it had low batter so after like 10 minutes it stopped...

8/1/2016 So This Is My New Website.. This Is About As Basic As It Gets. But Theres Still All The Same Useful Stuff. if youre wondering why I did this go to the main page and look up top.