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On the internet I'm mainly here, but there's some other places you can find me as well.

Holidays in Canada - small computer related clips and other stuff back - Interesting TV clips from VHS tapes, for archival and nostalgia

DVD3000 - creator of ddtsod and dvd3000s place
I'm also on the RBXcity forums as DVD3000
I have another roblox account called "kawonkim" all other accounts claming to be "dvd3000" are fake.

windows98seuser - mostly posts on r/retrobattlestations

kat (at) dvd3000 (dot) ca - You can contact me here

- Scratch
PowerDVD3000 - I was making Windows 95 on scratch in 2016
garfieldfan89 - random scratch stuff

- Minecraft
outbound - I play sometimes

So that's where I am on the internet. I'm not really active on anything listed here so the best way to get a hold of me is by e-mail - kat (at) dvd3000 (dot) ca