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This is Microsoft Paint from Windows 98 second edition.
The new ms paint always annoyed me (especially with the line draw tool.. ugh) and I couldn't find an old copy on the internet anywhere.
This copy is from a real installation of Windows 98 SE.

Size: 141 KB
File is dated April 23 1999.

Note: This does work fine on Windows 10 but is shows an error message when opened. If you click "ok" it will load just fine. The error message will not appear when you have it in compatibility mode for Windows 98 but for some reason now user account control is popping up instead of an error message and I don't want to turn off UAC for "safety".

If you are curious the error message says: Failed to update the system registry. Please try using REGEDIT.

I do not own this program and did not make it of course.
Copyright 1998 Microsoft Corp.

Updated Dec 20, 2017