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Minecraft Stuff
Just because I started in 2012 doesn't mean I'm acutally good at Minecraft

Quotes Page (iqotd3)
You are allowed ONE laughter. You probably won't though.

Unorganized MIDI Index
Hundreds of MIDI files that I have collected.

Long Gone Mirrors
Ever seen a website you didn't care about go offline? Got ya covered.

Reuploaded Flash Games
Don't let flash die! I'm slowly reuploading disappearing games here.

My VHS Page
How many VHS tapes is too much? I don't know, but here's where I talk about em.

Every Day is Friday
The all new Friday's Home Page, all about Friday the floofy dog.

Invividual Pages

My old & 'new' icon GIFs
Garfield And Friends Episode List
Midtown Madness Cheats
Friday's Old Home Page
Dirt Rhodes
The Amazing Musical CD Drive!
Old Hotmail Emoticons
Roblox User Search

Friend Pages

Very large sub-sites and hosting for other people

Assorted Photo Album
Author: dvd3000, Desc: really unorganised photos

Stories From School Past
Author: uncredited, Desc: getting annoyed at school since 2011

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