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Spring Cleaning 2022Posted in pix and tek on March 29, 2022

For most people, spring cleaning is a time to clean out and refresh your house, getting rid of all that junk that's cluttering up your spaces. But for people like me, it's a great time to find cool stuff by digging through random peoples trash! You know what they say, "one man's trash is another man's... trash!"

So, finally, after 2 years, the official city spring cleaning season has returned. In the 2020 and 2021 seasons, I did look around, but found absolutely nothing. It was either that people were just desperate to get rid of some junk after 2 years, or I wasted more of my luck, but more junk found its way into the garage this year. This pic shows everything I picked up this season, but you should see the pics below for closeups of the stuff.

So, here's some of the first things I found. On the left, wrapped up in plastic, probably from a house move years ago, is a Teac W-430C dual cassette tape deck! Actually a decent find, and I'm planning on using it as my new main deck for my audiotape transfers as it's certainly the highest quality deck that I own now. The current tape deck is a Sony TC-129 top loading one from around the 70s I assume (also a good deck)

On the right, you can see a Hitatchi DA-4000 CD player from the 80s, back when this big ol peice of hardware was just the CD player, nothing else. I picked this up cause I couldn't leave it, but I don't really know what to use it for, especially since I don't listen to CDs. All my music is on an external hard drive that I play from my laptop, but the CD player is still good to have, and maybe sell at some point.

In the left pic from left to right you can also see a Panasonic Omnivision PV-V4535S-K VCR. This is a really basic and kinda cheap consumer VCR from 2005, but it doesn't hurt to have more VCRs when you're transferring a bunch of tapes to digital.
It even still had a tape inside! It was a EP T-160 with 8 hours of KCTS (PBS Seattle) recording from around 2010. Huh, a bonus!

Next is a Samsung BD-E5700/ZC BluRay Player. The only reason I picked this up is because it's a bluray player that isn't absolutely massive. I was looking at bluray players at the thrift store, but they're always huge, way bigger than they need to be. This one was reasonably sized, but I probably won't use it a lot since I don't even have a lot of blurays. I still watch quite a few DVDs, but you sometimes need to remind yourself that DVDs are standard definition and are also super old now. Actually you knew that, you bandwidth using Netflix users...

And last in the left pic is a Panasonic DVD-RV31, which is, you guessed it, a DVD player. There is nothing special at all about this one and I had no good reason to pick it up, but I have the remote and manual, so it could be worth $2 used instead of $1 if it was a loose unit.

On the right pic, we have an Akai GXC-31D, which appears to be a very old cassette deck. It's a top loader like my Sony, and has woodgrain like my Sony. It's got all kindsa lights and switches and stuff and its pretty cool. It's probably also worth a bit cause as you know, vintage junk is worth money!

On the left we have keyboards. I know what you're thinking "that's gross", but they cleaned up nicely! The one on the left is the literal cheapest, most crap, uncomfortable keyboard I have ever seen, but I'll temporarily keep it around as a test bench keyboard until I get a better one, and then use this one as a prop to smash over my head in a video. The other keyboard is a Bluetooth Wireless one from Logitech. Now I've said before many times "what is the point of a wireless keyboard". Wireless mouse makes sense cause you're moving it around a lot, but wireless keyboard? You don't move your keyboard. Just seems like more batteries and trouble!

Until I needed a wireless keyboard because I use a desktop PC as a television, and I drag down the wired mouse and keyboard when I want to use it. Wireless would actually help in this case.

On the right pic, we have a Realistic Radio Shack clock radio. That's it. I picked this up because I wanted a digital clock in the garage, and this one is kinda cool. It's no flip clock, but still cool. I actually saw a vintage woodgrain flip clock at the thrift store, but so many flip segments were broken that I figured it wouldn't be worth the trouble.

On the left we have a Kindle! Funnily enough, it even still had battery power, but it died shortly after and I haven't charged it. I booted it up, and it had the "welcome to your new kindle" screen on it, so I think the previous owner charged it up just to wipe it before tossing it. I've now seen more wiped Kindles than I've seen wiped PCs... oh well. If I can find a way to just use it as a PDF reader, I'll probably use it, but I'm not entirely sure what I want to use it for yet cause there's no way I'm paying for Kindle books in 2022.

And in the right pic we have a Bose 415859 Soundlink Color Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, a ~$150 value! I'm keeping this just to play stuff in the garage, or wherever I want really. Sometimes I wonder if some things are thrown out by accident every once in a while!

On the left is the box that contains all the wires and cables that I found. Tons of power adapters, video cables, usb cables, chargers and more! So much stuff that's just useful to have.

On the right we have a Kodak SV811 EasyShare Digital Picture frame. Ok look, so I have this folder on my computer full of photos of just Friday the dog, so I threw em all on an SD card in this Picture frame. There we go, 24/7 fridays!

So now I can have Fridays next to my cardboard cutout of Friday. We are truly living in the future.

Okay so these are PVR boxes from TVs, and if you ever see these kicking around for free, always be sure to pick them up for free hard drives! (but make sure you have the correct security torx bits). Depending on the model, you caneven get a few other goodies like Molex to SATA adapters, SATA cables, heatsinks and stuff. The 2 drives I got out were 500GB Seagate Pipeline and Video drives. They are useful for some simple low priority storage or other projects. They are old (the ones I got were from 2012 and 2014), and have a lot of hours on them, and they're also Seagates, so I wouldn't use them for any critical data, but just for simple usage, they work fine! I've even seen other people get 1 or 2 TB HDDs, but I haven't got that lucky yet.

And last but not least, we have this painting of a mountain and trees. I had no good reason to pick this up, but sometimes you see art laying on a pile of trash on spring cleaning, and I always feel bad, and I kinda liked this one, so I brought it home with me. I just think like "someone spent the time to paint this, and it's here sitting on top of a wet garbage bag". Probably just someone's art class project from who knows how many years ago, and it's been in someone's attic for years until being thrown out. There's no name, date or anything, but I'm going to keep it in the garage. I just kinda like it.

So that's the overview for Spring Cleaning 2022! Never as spectacular as 2019, but I'm glad to be back, and we're always hoping for more next year (and less Covid restrictions!)
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