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I'm probably going to go out and dig through the thrift store again. I heard about Free Geek Vancouver from someone online, and looking it up, I'm gonna have to give that place a shot for finding some slightly outdated computer junk like this. The Coquitlam Value Village doesn't seem to stock computers anymore, after some guy kept coming around and breaking the CPU coolers off the boards and stealing the CPUs out of every computer he could get his grubby hands on, so my biggest place to find computers isn't gonna work for me anymore.

Speaking of digging, it's that time of year again -- what WOULD be Spring Cleaning, if my town didn't ruin it because of COOOVID. For this year they set up this "Large Item Pickup" thing in place of SC, apparently it's similar but there's a limit on what you can put out or something. I'm probably just going to stop by the dumpster at my old elementary school again. Schools throw out cool things all the time, so I'm gonna have to go there again. (I remember in 2015 they threw out so many PII machines and CRTs. I wish I grabbed one back then)

So, where have I been? Well, there's a whole thing going on with shipping (STILL), but while most people are getting along fine with their eBay shipments, we have a bit more of a weird setup going on. Most eBay listings that we buy are in the USA, and it's VERY expensive to ship them into Canada, if that's even an option, but we live so close to the US border, that it's cheaper and easier to send eBay shipments to a PO box in the US. Well, do you see the problem with that? The border has been closed... for a year.

The shipping centre we use in the US has so many Canadian customers, that they actually set up a service where they will put all your (reasonably sized) packages in one huge box, and ship it to your house. Other than the fact that it's VERY expensive, we have not heard back from the shipping centre since November of 2020, so the status is sort of unknown.

I have many webpages planned, but most of it would involve computer parts that I don't currently have because they're in a different country. I have no clue when I will be able to get anything I've bought on eBay in the past 4, and almost 5 months, but ohhhh boyyyy when I get that stuff it's going to be a REAL massive tech lot. Stay tuned...

> EDIT 03/13/21

We actually have heard back from the shipping centre with pictures of a PALLET full of boxes and shipments from the past 4 months. It would be VERY expensive to ship it into Canada, but there aren't many options at all. Nobody REALLY knows when the border will open. They always SAY Mar 21, and then to Apr 21 and on and on, but even if the border did open, we'd have to quarantine and all that, I'm just not sure at all how this is going to go down. I CANNOT BELEIVE that we are still dealing with stuff like this after a full YEAR.

Hey, we'll get it eventually, and it'll feel like Christmas in March (or april or whatever)

There goes the Christmas theme. I'd like to say thanks to the new visitors of the site recently, and huge thanks to the people who've linked to my site, and send very nice emails to me. I hope everyone has a good 2021, even though it seems we're somehow already off to a rough start. There's going to be lots of new pages coming out soon on retro and modern tech coming out soon, so make sure you check back to dvd3000.ca

01/04/21 comp
So, looks live we've reached the new year! "wheee". Now you'd better behave, 2021!

Many new pages should be coming out within this month, but if our PO box service is going to hold our packages hostage any longer, it might be next month D: Oh well, what can you do?

Lots of traffic on the Adobe Flash archives recently, for obvious reasons. RIP Flash, you will be missed.

Of course, the release of the stuffspace mirror for the Flash archives didn't make the deadline of Dec 31. You might notice newer Flash versions get up to 400MB per version, and I'm not sure the stuffspace server will be able to handle this. I don't remember if 000webhost cut server sizes down to 10GB or if my server is still 100GB. It'll be done folks! Just have some patience.

After only 7 years of this site's life, I am finally set up at an actual domain name. Please update my old domains.

In a while I'm going to be adding to the Original Windows Wallpaper section. Expect some cool new things there soon!

02/01/19 ext
The "Latest News" for January 24 said that some things were happening. I think I can continue this here:

This website has been through many wysiwyg website creators like Actual Drawing, MS Word 2000, MS Expression Web and Kompozer.
Those programs make creating websites easy, but sometimes they create bad and messy code that is sometimes not anybrowser compatible!!!
Ehh... it worked pretty well but especially MS Word really messed up on HTML and that had to all be cleaned up.

I think that writing and learning your on HTML is more fun, less messy, more compatible and is not that hard to do.
I found a program called "DerekWare HTML Author" on an old floppy disk. It works pretty well, and gives you shortcuts for things like text decoration!!!
That's a lot of tags... Hey!! there could be more!

Happy New Year 2019!! Umm... its been a while since the last Latest News.. I cleaned up my website! It looks the same but I cleaned up the HTML and the directories

I've just gone over the links on the old link section. I never checked it, I just keep adding to it. So all websites that look like This and not like This do not exist anymore. I added archive.org links for your convenience.

I got my website to work on an old version of the Opera Internet browser. Version 5.

JPG image

On the site I added a "YouTube Pages" link in the "Webiste Links" Category on the homepage. Here you can find more info of the video and other stuff

This website is being worked on and will become more way more useful. by the way,
        Happy New Year 2017!


Computer How-To videos are back! On those videos I am doing some video editing. The ordinary computer videos will still not have editing.

Recently a house has been demolished and I got it on video! it will be uploaded as soon as I CAN GET IT OFF THE PHONE!!!!!! but some parts of the video look kind of wierd cause at first i was holding the phone upwards witch puts bars on the side. the i turned it so its widescreen. then when the phone ran out of battery i FINALLY found my camera after soooo long and it had low batter so after like 10 minutes it stopped...

some people might wonder why my website is so lightweight? well i want anyone to have a speedy experience here. most websites today run very slowly, and i only have 3mbps internet on my computer

The website really changed go take a look at Page-Archive! The website is much more convinient! i added buttons for easy accsess, I really Changed the desing as you can see! What is page archive? it's a place where i save my websites there when there updated. and you can go to diffrent times to see the diffrences!

sorry if the images or text may be screwy. i might find a way around it soon! And no matter what Actual Drawing makes the images or text go bonkers!

And yes i was being lazy with the buttons and made them by shrinking the top banner. now i think that the button on the side would look better the other way around. like the border as the button and the button as the border but, too late it's already been done and i'm to lazy to change it like that, but i think it's harder to type than to do that but whatever. what needs to be done needs to be done.

The Wayback machine does not want to display any images witch is why i'm using standard text instead of images. anyway standard text looks better. it's more clear. but the background must be this color or else it looks derp.

The wayback machine is a cool website, a long tome ago when i was playing around with actual drawing i attempted to make something called "oldweb" where you could look at old versions of the website, but however that turned out to be a complete and total faliure. so you can look at this website on the wayback machine. evreytime i do a change to the website, i'll save it (if i remember) :) the links to the wayback machine and actual drawing are in the about section