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This is a place to post things that i've seen and heard that I thought were funny, wether it's on the internet, or in the real world. Sorry if I reposted something you wrote, but i'll try not to do that.


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These are some amazing quotes that I have heard over time. (as in 2019) They are very inspirational.
Updated: June 13 2020

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Text of hte week
Text of the week: Things i've heard and stolen memes. Rule: only text.

yeah we put the text of hte week in an iframe
cause the page was getting too long

some day i need to go through this and delete some posts

also text of hte week no longer has any nono words

extra content
small subdivisions that wont get updated a lot

what i heard last time
things irl (true story) (not clickbait)

wihlt is in it's peak day because
of the corona virus, and everyone is
going mental.

slight inconveniences
things that didn't have to happen

Roses Are Red
Violets are blue.

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