June 12, 2020
I was at Tim Hortons, and while I'm standing in line, this old lady walks in, dressed like she's a rich person from the 1800s, and she just casually brings in an entire shopping cart with 2 handbags in it, and casually just orders food like this is completely normal.

May 21 2020
So I was at Thrifty Foods, and I grabbed a cart from the smashed cart return to use. When I was going to go into the store, this guy at the front was like "you need to wash the cart move your hands". So I moved my hands, and he washes the cart so slowly that it starts rolling away a tiny bit. Then he says "your hands are dirty because you used the cart", and he washes my hands. I'd been here for so long a line was forming behind us. Calm down, I'm not going to get the cortanavirus cause I touched a cart.

Apr 27 2020
I was at save on again and my brother accidentally coughed and everyone there is like "MOVE GO AWAY 6 FEET SOCIAL DISTANCING" like, calm down I don't have the cortana virus.

Nov 12 2019
I was in save on with one of those rolly basket things and this old guy looked at me like "how DARE you create so much noise with that basket of yours?" and me looked like he wanted me to die. sheesh.