June 13 2020:
were all in this together !!! <3 dont wory we can get thru these tough times of a totally real has barley affected anyone pandemic.

Ok, I get that this has affected the world, and it definitley has affected some people, but really we are overreacting way too much.

At least things are starting to become normal again?? I don't know anyone who's even come into contact with the cortanavirus.

April 27 2020:
I say we rename the coronavirus to the cortanavirus, so we can blame Microsoft for this, and the useless lazy peice of crap known as cortana will be removed from Windows 10. (but really, oosu10 does a good job at this already)

April 24 2020:
Happy Corona time.
Y'know.. having all this time is kinda cool. Made me want to revive this page. If you're bored, go do something similar. We can do this, we can defeat boredom!... I mean defeat the virus or something.

Dec 6 2019:
> Without using numbers, how old are you?

> Nineteen.

> now listen here you little sh**

Dec 5 2019:
Trash Can Wind Meter

Lid flipped open
Tipped over
In the neighbor's yard
Down the street
I've lost my trash can

Dec 4 2019:
"Why does ha make hot but hoo make cold? I'm talking about mouth wind.

Dec 3 2019:
Shopping cart wheels be like:

Stone BricksMonster egg Stone Bricks
Stone BricksStone

Dec 2 2019:

Having a brain can cause brain cancer.

Dec 1 2019:
Study Finds Every Style Of Parenting Produces Disturbed, Miserable adults.

Anti vax parents have it right then. You cant become a miserable adult if you don't become an adult.

Nov 26 2019:
If you drink the liquid from a magic 8 ball you can see the future trust me my friend did once and he said he was gonna die and then he did!

Nov 25 2019:
I only just realised now that when someone says "hold your horses" they're telling me to be stable.

Nov 25 2019:
Insane fact:

Did you know that if you stretched your lungs out on a tennis court, you would die because you have no lungs.

Nov 24 2019:
Would you like to be the sun in my life?

Omg yes!

Then stay 92,935,700 miles the fu** away from me.

Nov 24 2019:

Directions: First find the turkey in the woods. Get him with a gun. Then carry him to my house then cook him in the oven.

Cooking time: 10 minutes
Temperature: 5 degrees

Nov 21 2019:
Is your refrigerator running?


HAHA YOU FOOL! You have fallen prey to one of my tricks! I was not interested in the operational condition of your refrigerator! I was simply conducting a slight of hand in the form of clever wordplay! What I was refrencing was the movement of your refrigerator, in the form of physical running, which is simply preposterous!

Curses! Foiled again!

Nov 20 2019:
Rating: *****

This game is horrible. It's a horrible. Very very a horrible. My daughter Emilia wanted download the it the game on her iPhone, and she ask me, and I said "sure, my child". But alas, when I returned, she was had been a the died. This game is very cursed, and is bad and will haunt and ruin and brain

Nov 20 2019:
Whenever my phone battery gets to 0% it shuts off and if I turn it on without charging it, the white led blinks. It only boots when I plug in my charger. Is it a problem or is it a normal thing?

Nov 19 2019:
My brain while studying: George Washington

My brain during the test: jorg washingmachine

Nov 17 2019:
Things to do when you're studying:

- Watch Television
- Use your phone
- Play Minecraft
- And Roblox
- at the same time!!
- Watch cartoons
- Learn HTML

Nov 15 2019:
Oh you're in debate club?

Yeah but you shouldn't join because you need to be really smart to join debate club.

...Why are you in it then?

Nov 14 2019:
Mary had a little lamb
whos heart was black as coal
it crept into her room one night
and ate her fu**ing soul

Nov 5 2019:
If you don't watch an entire series you are not a true fan.
If you do watch an entire series you are not a true fan.

You are only a true fan if:
You are powered by electricity
Have multiple flat blades
And spin around really fast.

Nov 4 2019:
The blood test came back positive.
You have:


Nov 3 2019:

The blue whale is so large, that if it were laid long way on a basketball court, the game would be cancelled.

Nov 3 2019:

If you took all the veins from your body and laid them end to end, you would die.

Nov 3 2019:

Most people think that t-rexes can't clap because they have short arms, but it's actually because they're dead.

Oct 31 2019:
1> Yes! It's alive!

2> If furries want to be animals do we have the right to hunt them?

1> Oops, I forgot to add the brain.

Oct 29 2019:
So the teacher was talking about how she has to decorate the classroom for halloween and some kid made some suggestions but the teacher said that she was poor and couldn't do it. I look over to her desk and see a bunch of essential oils and a diffuser. NOW I know where the money went.

Oct 24 2019:
If you have 8 dots and someone takes your 8 dots you have 0 dots, but now they have 8 dots. So 8 minus 8 is 8.

Oct 23 2019:
If my house was gonna fall into a hole and I could only grab just ONE thing, why not just fall into the hole and i'll still have everything, it'll just be in a hole. Not that different right!

Oct 21 2019:
My words are pretty wordy.
They're as wordy as those words,
And when a page is wordless,
I can fill it up with words.
The page you're reading right now has words
But I bet my words are wordier!
And if you claim your words are wordier than my words I'll throw my words at your herd.


Oct 20 2019:
Accidentally clicks on a fortnite video

Ah, I see you like fortnite videos now! *sets reccomendations*

Oct 18 2019:
So to do 1+1 you get 1 dot and add another. Now you have 2 dots!
So what's 1+1?

Class: 2!!

Teacher: Ok good here's the worksheet.

Worksheet: (-2)x64-(-9)x7+(-7x4x9)=

Oct 17 2019:
Once I wept, for I had no shoes. Then I came across a man with no feet. So I took his shoes. I mean, its not like he needed them anyways.

Oct 15 2019:
A popular text stolen form who knows:

I'm not gonna pay my taxes. What are they gonna to tax me more? Oh i'm going to jail? The one built using MY tax dollars? Didn't pay them. Now there's no jail. I am always 3 steps ahead of the government at all times.

Oct 14 2019:
Water Bottle Acheivments:

  • Purchased
  • Used
  • First Dent
  • Transported
  • Used 10 Times
  • Spilled

  • Oct 6 2019:
    If you put a bee in the freezer it will get cold and fall asleep. Put the bee in your mouth and it will get warm and wake up. Now you have a bee in your mouth.
    Why the fu** would I do that?

    Sep 23 2019:
    >Me running out of area 51 with proof vaccines cause autism

    >guard wondering why im running out empty handed

    Sep 16 2019:

    April 5, 2007
    admin wrote:
    We released a new update today. Did it work?

    April 6, 2007
    cat wrote:
    it dun work