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These are some amazing quotes that I have heard over time. (as in 2019) They are very inspirational.
Updated: Dec 4 2019

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how to design
how to cook a turkey
slightly older than teenage santa
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rudolph the normal reindeer
why do you do that
spider soup
employee elevator simulator (game)
cocker spaniels are good dogs
you might be a canadian if
alaws de nice!
say NO to doTERRA!
bad science jokes
easter easter easter easter2019 pages
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Nov 18 2019
Clean up your crumbs off the table we have rats- But hOw do
rATS get up on the table? JUST CLEAN UP YOUR- HOW DO RATS GET
UP ON THE TABLE? Just clean up your food and crumb- but I still
don't know how rats get up on the table, rats stay on tha flOOOR
they dun go on the table why should it matter if theres crumbs on
the table-

Nov 12 2019
I was in save on with one of those rolly basket things
and this old guy looked at me like "how DARE you create
so much noise with that basket of yours?"
and me looked
like he wanted me to die. sheesh.

Answers to your questions

My son just asked if 10 is a big number.
What do I tell him? Because $10 is not a lot of money
but 10 murders is a lot of murders.

My son just asked if you put a slice of turkey
in the DVD player if it would play a movie of the
turkey's entire life. No parenting books prepared me for
this question.

Things for any holiday.

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