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  Old Website
  Old Website
    Ms Paint Windows 98 Version
    Batch File Graphics
    VB6 Internet Browser
    Progman.exe Icons
    Pifmgr.dll Icons
    Windows Boot Floppies
    Dell Dimension 3000 Front Panel Removal
    Connect to Internet using another PC
    My Windows 98 Secondary Computer
    Canon Starwriter "C" Clip Art
    DerekWare HTML Author
    Windows 3.1 in DOSBox
    IDE CD-ROM Driver for DOS/Win3x
    Fonts Disk!
    Floppy Disk Calculator
    My Windows 98 Secondary Computer Revisited
    A Collection of my Ugly Tech Hacks
    Setting up an FTP server for transferring files
    Classic Windows Wallpaper
        Windows 3.1
        Windows 95
        Windows NT 4.0
        Windows 98
        Windows ME
        Windows 2000
        Windows XP
    Classic Windows Screensaver
        Windows 3.1
        Windows 95
        Windows 98
        Windows ME
        Windows 2000
        Windows XP
        Windows 7
    The Floppy Disk File Archives
        Full Index
        Disk Talk

  VHS Stuff
    About my Content
    About Me
    E-Mail me!
    Uploaded Videos
    Cassette Box Art
    My tape list
    Adventures in capture devices
    Where I got my VHS tapes from
    how long do vhs tapes really last
    The elgato experience
    fake prerecorded blanks!?
    elgato capture examples
    News Archive
    Let's Watch A Tape!
      01: Little Bear / Blue's Clues
      02: Between The Lions
      Unlabeled Tapes 1

  Personal / Off Topic
    My old & 'new' icon GIFs
    Garfield And Friends Episode List
    Midtown Madness Cheats
    Friday's Home Page
    Dirt Rhodes
    HTML Videos
    The Amazing Musical CD Drive!
    Old Hotmail Emoticons
    Roblox User Search
    Minecraft Stuff
        Converting OLD MCPE worlds to Java
        My new and old worlds
        Older screenshots
        Creative 2 Screenshots
        My survival server
            The Server Itself
            Past Events
    Quotes Page / iqotdv3
    Unorganized MIDI Index
    Long Gone Mirrors
    Reuploaded Flash Games
    Assorted Photo Album