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Heres yet another treat from the old hard drive.

Yes, this is the drive thats been bringing you the random hard drive recovery gems since 2018!

Anyways, while I was poking around on the drive looking for images for my monstrosity house page, I ran across this word document.

The Box House
By: ____
Writing: ____

The box house was a big box with some stuff being shipped in it. But the box was so big that we decided to make it into a house. So with some junk wood we added parts to it

we made some shelves like the first picture seen, then the second picture here is a pencil holder, and as you can see there is a pencil on a string that is permanently attached so it cannot be stolen. The pencil is for drawing. Well duhhhh…

if you have not seen it yet here is a picture

you can see that there is an opening door with hinges. that took forever to screw in…

without the door it is this big

here is some pictures of inside

oh yeah! Don’t forget the outside

Ok, really, I still think this was pretty epic. It was like having your own bad tree fort!
We added all kinds of shelves and seats and whatever we could fit in here. Me and my friends spent a lot of time here.

Eventually, it kinda started falling apart. We didn't want to hang out in it so much, it was rotting, it leaked (duh) and there was lots of bugs.

I guess it was fun to destroy at least.
I recorded a 360p video on my old camera of doing this, so it was hard to find a good frame of video. This was prolly the best one though.

We halued out all the bricks, and said goodbye to the box house for the last time.

RIP Box House
2015 - 2015

Brought to you by the Random Hard Drive Recovery project!