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A crappy rant on my opinions on huge online corporations

Spyware. A computer program, website or service that tracks you without your knowlege... Remember when spyware was called a virus?

In the modern always-online computing world of today, practically everything is tracking you. Huge corporations like Google watch what you're doing online, how you do it, what you're interested in, and then package it all up into a neat ball to sell to other companies. This is not new information. This has been going on for years. Many people know about it, and still put up with it? Why? People can be aware that a robot is looking over their every move and still not care. The biggest idiots of all will sometimes even try to convince you that software like this is somehow better, and the more secure, open source alternatives are "crappy" because they are not as popular......

People always joke about Chrome using up a lot of processing power. What do you think it's doing with all that power????? Other than running it's probably intentionally inefficient code in an attempt to push less powerful machines into the landfill, what's it doing? I don't know? Collecting your browsing data??? I have told many people about this, and nobody seems to care. Everyone always replies "well why does it matter" DON'T PEOPLE VALUE THEIR PRIVACY?????? and if I ask, people tend to say "no not really".

I suppose that with the popular use of social media where people will share every thought that comes to their mind, privacy is dead. Just like Google, every social media does the same thing with your data. You know your social media page with all that personal info you put on it? Bundled up and sold to advertisers. Ever wondered how those "oddly specific" Facebook shirts come into existence? Sold Facebook data.

I have mentioned better, safer, more trustable open source alternatives to many popular peices of software. Google Chrome is an absolute abomination of a web browser that does not deserve most of the browser market share. Use something like Firefox instead. Open source; you can look into the source code and know exactly what it's doing. Things like Chrome? Closed source. It can't be trusted. Chrome is probably doing things that haven't even been discovered by anyone yet. You are not allowed to view the source code of Chrome. Who even knows what's going on under the hood.

Google is a terrible company. Nothing you have ever done on a Google service is truly private. Do you really think you deleted that post, video, or search? Well you didn't. Nothing is deleted, it's just "hidden". It's like pushing all your trash under the couch and saying you threw out the trash. I use DuckDuckGo as a web browser instead. Far safer, probably the only search engine that doesn't collect your data without your knowlege. One time someone saw me using DuckDuckGo in public and they laughed and said "why are you using duckduckgo". Maybe it's because I won't accept to being tracked without my permission. On many websites, they say you can turn on some privacy feature, but there are things that can never truly be turned off. You think you're safe because you unticked "dont collect this data". You're wrong. There will always be something tracking you as long as you use websites run by large corporations. It's just the truth. Some people will deny it, some will put up with it, but if you're with me, you won't stand for this......

Oct 13, 2020