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This was the street where a series of super suspicious house fires had happened in Oct 2019.

For the past while, a developer has been buying up this entire street for an upcoming
apartment / townhouse project which is fucking stupid. Anyways, the owners of these homes
had just moved out days before the fire. As you can see in some pictures, kids had been
going inside and spraypainting and crap, but I doubt it was the kids causing the fires,
even though the developer had made NO ATTEMPT to board up these homes before demolition.
Days before these photos were taken, there was no fencing around any of the homes.

In total, 3 houses burned down on that street. The red house that is seen burned out in
the photos was the first to go. The white house and another one (not pictured) was burned
down ONE day later. The photo of the white house was taken 10 HOURS before it was burned down.
It had burned down I assume early in the morning because about 8:30 in the morning it was still
smoldering and the fire trucks were there.

We imagine that the developers had burned down the houses to avoid getting permits, or for an
insurance scam. We aren't sure though. I saw the police there a while ago, but I don't know what's
happening here anymore.
To make it more suspicious, the developer's sign magically vanished after the first fire.

All the burned out houses have been torn down and they are now a big fucking pile of debris
with no security around them.

At the time I took these photos, the police and security were near the place, and some were
giving me weird looks, so these pictures aren't very good.

The first house to go was the big red one (October 8?), then the white/beige one AND another house (not
pictured) on the SAME DAY (October 10), then the last remaining house on the street was eventually
just torn down (November 5/10?).

I might return with more photos of the location currently (November 15 today), but this place is
suspicious 100 and I don't want to get caught.

10 hours before the fire

the first house that burned down

another view also theres another house behind the left side bushes (not seen)

Update January 10 2020:
the land is now completely cleared to make way for the new apartment.