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Many things to read, many were written by me, some were from other people or websites. All this stuff is just here for entertainment. Some pages are good, some are not. Happy reading!

the monstrosity house (log) 09/15/20
suspicious house fire
the strange homes of vancouver

90's PC Builder builds a modern PC
Dumb computer questions and beleifs 10/04/20

Useless Quotes - from /quote
Text Of The Week 06/13/20
Things I saw IRL 06/12/20
Interesting Quotes 04/30/20

Inspirational Quote Of The Day

Internet and Forum Posts
Best of the rbxcity forums 10/25/20
good posts from the clifford pls board 10/25/20
Stop bully at the internet!!!

Lost in the sand - from when e-mails and boards were king
25 signs you might be Canadian
A collection of computer jokes
A game with an interesting outcome
Introducing: Windex95!!

From School
The Television
The Power Went Out
Bad Poems

Why I do not like Windows 10
Spyware is now normal
The internet and why I made my own website

Television - from budget archives
Adventures in finding a capture device
Where I got my VHS tapes from
How long do VHS tapes really last?

Budget Archives

Spring Cleaning "Gifts"
The Box Fort
Phone activation service adventure

I have no idea
Computers and Dogs?

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