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Um... Vancouver has some interesting houses.
As we go to Vancouver a lot, I've seen a lot of houses, and a few homes stand out for being... weird... or illegal, I don't know.

1: The No Parking house

Whoever lives here, seems to be annoyed about people parking in front of their house.
The signs say things like "don't park here idiots" and "don't f***ing park here", which i'm pretty sure having signs like that violates some code...
By the time Google Maps came by the house, most of the signs had been removed, so you dont get to see the full no parking house.

2: The Weird fence house

I mean, if it works, but you still could have done better. This is actually gone now, but it was there for long enough.

3: Tenant Power!!!

I really want to know the backstory behind this sign. All I know is that the tenants have power over their landlord, and the sign is still there after 3 years. (since 2017)

4: House addition world record (probably)

They walled in the porch, then added a porch, then added a porch to the porch. This was the only good photo I could get on Google Maps, but since they took this, they walled in the porch, then walled in the other porch. I don't even want to think about how much this has to leak.

5: The rainbow house

I used to not like this house, because I used to live near it, but I only just noticed a few weeks ago, that they wrote "somewhere" over the "rainbow". Respect to whoever did that.

6: The pink and purple house

This house is near the rainbow house, and I have no respect for whoever created this monstrosity.

Images courtesy of Google Maps