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My TV is a Philco P1324C R102. It is a pretty good TV for.. Watching TV live or from a VCR, Watching DVDs and playing some games (rarley).
I haven't been able to find any info of this TV's existence online (just like my VCR) so here it is!
Beside this text is an image of the TV. It has it's own (mostly) wood cabinet. The TV and some junk is on the top with the DTV box and more stuff on top the TV. The VCR, DVD, and Switchbox are in the middle. and DVDs/Tapes, remotes and wires in the storage space. The TV also has a holder for my giant rabbit ears antenna.

This TV was made in March 1995 as seen on the back sticker.

Amazingly, I even have it's remote! I acually have remotes for everything also. It's a bit broken though. You need to press most of the buttons extremely hard or else the TV won't do anything.

General Info About This TV
Note: This is info about my TV. I do not know if Philco has similar TVs with the same model number.
Screen Size
Remote Yes
Menu Yes
Inputs RF Coax
Channels 181 Cable

This is a list of the buttons on the remote and what they do.. (mostly).
Click here for an interactive Philco TV remote.
Power Power
1-0 Channel
Recall Undo
Sleep "Off Timer"?
Menu Menu/Navigate Menu
- + Navigate Menu
Q.REV Go to last station?
tv/cap/text Captions/Teletext
CH 1/2 ?
Volume Volume Up/Down
Channel Channel UP/Down
Mute Mute Volume

This is a list of functions in the Menu.
Click here for an interactive Philco TV menu. Click the links to use that function.

Clock Set Set the clock (why)
Program Timer Set Timer (why)
Picture Adjust Adjust contrast, bright, color, tint and sharpness.
CH Program Air/Cable, CH Search, Memory, CH Block
Language Switch between English, Spanish and French.
Demonstration Goes through features.
Exit Close Menu

Getting Composite Inputs

This TV has no composite inputs. Only RF input for an antenna or anything that actually has RF on it.
This may not be the best solution as VCRs have composite input and RF output but I didn't have a VCR in my setup at the time.
Its an RCA "Compact RF Modulator". You can plug in composite on one side and RF comes out the other side. It also has an RF in to go right back out of the output. The really annoying thing is that it uses a power outlet! And it's even one of those big plugs. I could just use my VCR now that I have one but whatever.
The adapter outputs on channel 3 of 4 and you can tune your TV to recieve the picture. Going to other stations gives some interesting results though. Usually only when the VCR is on.

Plugging everything into one TV

How can you plug so many things into one little TV? Well I have a switchbox!

It's just a small box that mechanically switches composite signals, so no power outlet needed. It has 8 inputs and 1 output, so you will never need to switch around composite cables. Everything plugs into the back, so if you were using all 8 slots you would need 24 individual cables plugged into this thing. That would be a mess. I only have a few things, One for DVD, VCR, NES and an AUX which is actually a composite extender cable that's on top of the cabinet for easily accessible composite right there. Go To Top

My VCR is a Sears (JVC) 509-30115. I was able to find out that this obscure VCR is more easily findable under it's original branding. It's actually a JVC HRA57U if an image search with an Amazon result is correct.

If you're looking for it's remote like I was doing for a while, the remote is the JVC LP20878-001 remote. They are on eBay at probably any time.

I know some people don't like JVC VCRs but I think that this one is not bad. It plays and records nicely and has only eaten one tape. It wasn't the VCRs fault it was kind of my fault for not noticing that the VHS tape was for some reason sticky under the flap. It still worked after that.

Here are some things I like about it
4 Head
Easy Clock/Program set
Picture Stabalizer
Acceptable EP video
Fast Rewind (kind of)

Things I don't like about it
Composite inputs on front only
Mostly remote controlled

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There is not very much I can say about the DVD player. It's a Sony DVD SR-310P. Quite a small DVD player, which is good for the space that it's in.

I have watched DVDs on this TV, and this player works pretty well. It's not a fully featured DVD recorder or anything, but just as a small player, it works just fine.

I bought the player at a Value Village thrift store, so I had to connect the universal remote to be able to use most of the features.

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I think that Analog OTA is better. Because I watch TV on a tiny CRT the quality does not matter. I get why analog went away but there are some things I don't like digital ota. I'll get to that later.

I like being able to watch TV for free. And local stations show some good programs.
My DTV box is a RCA DTA-800B. I can plug it into my VCR and tape shows I watch. I've recorded a bunch of video tapes over the past few years, maybe 20 years in the future I can somehow find a working VCR and rewatch the dumb stuff I recorded.

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