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School Stories
we were all 8 one time


revisiting the places
juicero 2: the pancook

houses, people live in them

the monstrosity house
suspicious house fire
the strange homes of vancouver

anything can happen

90's pc builder builds a modern pc
dumb computer questions
the cpu bandit
a warning for computer users
i think i can hear my computer think
how to use your computer

Internet and Forum Posts
working to stop bully

best of the rbxcity forums
good posts from the clifford pls board
stop bully at the internet!!!

Shared Texts
from emails and boards

25 signs you might be Canadian
a collection of computer jokes
a game with an interesting outcome
introducing: windex95!!

From School

the television
the power went out
bad poems

good-net, more random school crap

if you care enough

why I do not like windows 10
the internet and why i made my own website

things happen

spring Cleaning "gifts"
the box fort
phone activation service adventure

Just for Fun
something else

computers and dogs?
no more cuss wordz!!
yes we use our toes
mandatory broom testing
things i was scared of

textfiles / stories
by dvd3000

this is a collection of writings, mostly by me, some by others on the net. some of them are stories, some are just text posts, some are good, some are not. just read through and find something you like. they're long, but a lot of people like the school stories. more of em coming soon, i've been writing the school stories since 2017, but i'll need to re-edit them to remove any personal info and names n stuff y'know

sometimes i write down stories so that I don't forget them- otherwise those moments will end up being just another forgotten memory

i don't know exacly if i have memory loss. i have a hard time remembering things that happened days ago, or little things i did hours ago. sometimes when i think of things to write i talk to my friends a bit and see what they have to say to try and jog my memory a little bit
~ more from dvd3000.ca ~
i save save save my money - cheapskate
if you can call it that, it's a blog
i like to design things my own way
whaaat we have fanart now!!!
i still use an mp3 player
more from out dvd3000.ca!

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