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Written by: Randy, a + member, March 29, 2004.
Hello fellow dogs on!!

We're all computer users, but some of you might just be accepting how difficult it is to use a computer. Ever thought about how computers are almost designed to be hard to use? The truth is revealed, this is obviously a scam, making computers only easy to use by humans, while all other species' computer experiences are hindered by awful controls of the computer.

We will not stand for this, fight back against these speciesist scams by supporting products such as the DogPad +, a brand new dog interface device, replacing the keyboard and mouse with a much easier to use system, translating barks into typed out words, and using a large touchpad instead of "the mouse". Highly reccomend this product, it's a little bit more expensive than regular scam devices, totalling in at 29.99 CAD, but for what you're getting, it is totally worth it, and way better name than something that sounds like it's named after cats!

I have reccomended this product to some of my friends, and it works just great for all of us!

Hope this page helps with anyone else's struggles with computer controls!

Randy, a + member


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