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Spring cleaning is the time where you can get rid of a few things, clean up, and feel refreshed and new.
Except for me.

Every spring cleaning, I ride my bike around every neighborhood in search of "treasure". Seems kinda sad, but lots of people do it, so I think it's fine.

I live in a small community, so I don't usually find anything worth taking. In all the years of 2013 - 2018, here's what I found:

A mostly broken cassette boombox that I don't have anymore, but it did serve me for many years.
A clock that somehow ended up in my friend's house.
An alarm clock that's still on my table right now.
A broken VCR and 3 broken CD players (scrap)
A keyboard that broke.
An old Dell that I really wanted to take, but I was too far away from home.

So, basically garbage that nobody cares about..

But then in 2019, I somehow had the best luck ever...

I was at home, and my brother told me that there was some VHS tapes at a house down the street, and he was gonna go out in a minute, so after he left, I went to said house.

It was like VHS heaven there, too many tapes to even count! I have limited space, and not a huge interest in pre-recorded tapes, so I went straight to digging for potentional TV recorded treasures. I found 10 recorded tapes, but they just turned out to be bootleg transfers. Bummer.

After maybe 30 minutes, I went back to the same house again, and I was looking through the rest of what he had out.
I was moving some boxes and stuff, when the homeowner walked out and asked me what I was doing.
I just told him that I was looking around for spring cleaning, and he noticed that I had pulled a few things out of the boxes.
He was fine with me looking through the stuff, and he told me "alright, just don't make a mess, cause I don't want the garbage guys to come here and be like "WHAT THE FUCK!!!"". So, I agreed that I would clean up after myself.

After that, he threw a few more boxes on the pile. I opened one up and I couldn't beleive my eyes.

Inside the old, moldy box was an entire, original Nintendo Entertainment System!!!! I pulled it out of the box, and under it was a SNES!!! Complete with all the games and everything.

I put the box to my side, and kept digging. I opened another box, and it was full to the brim with NES and SNES games, PC games, floppy disks and other things. I opened another box and it had EVEN MORE games and disks.

There was so many boxes, I couldn't possibly get it all home. And if I went to get my trailer, I would risk having someone else take my treasure.

But I saw it...
A lawn spreader....... Yeah. I carted home 4 modly boxes on a lawn spreader. It took like 30 minutes, cause the lawn spreader was broken, and boxes kept falling off, but I did it.

As I was going down the street, another treasure hunter said "Nice finds kid, did you get the bike?" and I responded with, "uhhh... the bike is mine. I was just taking home all these boxes."

I got the boxes home, and at this point, I hadn't even looked through them, they were just packed to the brim.
I waited 'til my brother got home, cause he's the old video games guy, not me, and his reaction was priceless!

Also the next day, I found a bunch of local TV 80's VHS tapes AND an entire Windows XP desktop computer!
Not much else to say about those, but still, Best Spring Cleaning EVER!