Old Visual Basic 6 Programs

I used to spend a lot of time doing experiments with Visual Basic 6 and similar programs. Since I ran across almost everything that younger me created, I figured I would put them up here just for laughs. If you really care, source code is included if available.
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DellC600: The Visual Basic Series

FreeBrowser / Really bare VB browser
internet,122217 / Old version of FreeBrowser
Button Machine / Many VB code snippets/experiments all in one
PC Maintenance / WinXP, shortcuts to many Windows utilities
Power Control / WinXP, Win9x, one-app short cuts for Power Off / Restart
PocketCalc / Bring up a Calculator from a tray icon!
PocketNote / Bring up Notepad from a tray icon!
Media Player / WinXP+, Fairly simple multimedia player
Audio Player / WinXP+, Audio player, looks like bootleg media rack
8 Ball / Ask your computer life's most important questions

Appsa: A compilation of my oldest programs

Alpha-Alphabet / what do you think it is
Clock Screensaver / A totally accurate clock
Non Sense! Screensaver / random funny
Shapes Screensaver / appearing/disappearing shapes!
Tv Dance Screensaver / A very interesting tv program
Count To 100 / i'm learning!!!!!!
Learn To Click / just in case you didn't know how to
Matrix Rain / whoa guys access granted
Type / The most painful word processor ever
TypeAWord / almost as useless as useless app
Useless App / it really is useless

*fun fact: typeaword was my first ever program

The newest CD I found was Appsa 1.4. I could combine all the apps on this page and make Appsa 1.5 to finally end the Appsa series!!

Updated May 30, 2020