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I'm dvd3000, just a guy trying to get by, I guess. I've been running this site, powerdvd3000 since 2014.

I'm just another guy who's into computers and tech. Hardware, software and really just tinkering around, trying to figure out how anything makes any sense. I'm also into retro computers as well, and I'm around in the retrotech community. If you found your way here, you probably got here through some computer related stuff.

Another interest of mine is archival. Archiving everything. Saving history. Of course I'm on archive.org as @arandomuser1, and on YouTube for my VHS archive clips on back. I've been into archiving stuff since around 2018, and I truly believe in it.

Also, I'm on ROBLOX as DVD3000. I only mention this because a lot of people know me from there. I've been on there since 2016, and I don't play that much anymore, but I do check in a lot to talk to you guys, so you might see me there sometimes.

And lastly, I'm a furry. Been one since late 2019. I don't center my life around it, but I've brought it up a couple of times. I just love the art and the community, you guys are wonderful. And yes, I make art that isn't very good. But y'know, it makes me happy.


name: dvd3000
age: somewhere between 0 and 100
location: vancouver, bc, canada, earth, solar system
interests: the internet, computers, just tinkering really
life: someone told me to get one a while ago. are they on amazon?
existing: most likely. you know im probably coexisting with you right now
favourite drink: frikken water
quote: anything from the iqotd (iQuOTDv3)

you might know me as such famous people like:
the guy with the slide game
the guy with the og wallpapers
the guy with the flash player installers
the guy with the long hair
the guy with the old laptop

the guy behind the name

I don't get why people are so obsessed with wanting a face reveal or other "reveal" of something about me. Seriously, why do you want to know? So you can go "wow its a person" and go on with your stuff? There is literally no reason for me to "reveal my face". I will if I feel like it, but at this rate with some people harrassing me to reveal my face, I will not do it. There, are you happy?

I am what I put out there, dvd3000 is me. If you enjoy my content you can just keep on doing that, cause my content represents who I am. You don't need more.

Whatever happened to privacy anyways?

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