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sometimes I make videos that aren't that good. back in 2013 I made a youtube channel "PowerDVD3000".. y'know every 5th grader back in 2014 wanted to be the next big gaming youtuber or something-- I used to upload minecraft videos on there back then, but I just post random clips now.

My main computer stuffs channel is oldpcaudio which was a channel that I used to upload MIDI playbacks on, but I later deleted, and then recreated, and upload my newer computer videos on.

The stupid random videos are on Cheezy Video Productions. Mostly random stupid ROBLOX videos and some of my newer stupid video productions.
the lastest vids


A very Freetop Christmas Special

December 27, 2021
a touching christmas story about greed and giving... and those a*hole dogs


The Power Macintosh 6290CD Experience

May 1, 2022
idiot tries to use the worst mac ever, without ever using a classic mac before

holidays in canada

Spring Cleaning Finds 2022

March 27, 2022
cool stuff I found on the side of the road this year
springfinds 2022 page

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i made my windows 10 usable!
behind every user name is a real person
we declared war on a stump :/
i save save save my money - cheapskate
i've probably been on the chatbox!
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