Original Classic Windows Wallpaper

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To get the Wallpaper you want, right click the image and click "save" If you would like all of them you can download a Zip folder with all of the Wallpapers.

Update 07/25/20: The extras page is one that I don't pay enough attention to. Expect many updates to this and the rest of CWW in the next months.
Click on the images for high resolution versions!


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OEM Wallpapers

This is not a complete collection from these brands, these are only ones that I have found in their original form.

Packard Bell (~1994/1996)
Cicero / Medion (~2003)
eMachines (~2004)
Toshiba (2006)

Screen Savers

Original Classic Windows Screensavers
A weird Toshiba screensaver :)
Cirrus Logic bouncy screensaver!

Windows Beta Wallpapers

Chicago (Windows 95, 4.00.116)

Other Wallpapers

Windows 3.0
Old Macintosh Wallpapers

Updated 07/25/20