Some old MacOS Wallpaper

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Some old MacOS wallpapers. I don't know what version these come from or where I even found these.
These are tiled if that was not obvious

Bumpy Texture... thing - 12KB png

I don't really know what this is... Bumpy texture?

Stars - 1KB png

A little too many stars for me...

Ocean - 1KB png

At least I think that's the ocean.

Cats! - 5KB png

Yes.. CATS! My favourite wallpaper of the bunch. Maybe that could also be a racoon. I hope not.

Another bumpy texture - 11KB png

more blue bumpy texture things.

Stone... I guess - 6KB png

Looks like stone to me.

Inside your computer - 7KB png

"well im glad to know all the components are flying around inside my computer" (windows screensaver)

Yet another bumpy texture - 11KB png


the 5th bumpy texture - 10KB png

stop now.