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My Main Windows XP Computer

The base of this system is the same one as seen in the Former Main Computer page.
My Grandma used to have a Cicero/Medion running Windows XP, from 2006-2012. She recycled the computer in 2012, but kept the original HDD. Out of curiosity, I plugged the drive into my old Dell Dimension E520, and it booted! Usually when I move HDDs in computers, they never boot again, but this one did!

Here is the computer booted up. It hasn't changed much since I first used this computer when I was little. I kept the desktop exactly as it was, apart from some files and programs I installed.

I have no ethernet in my vintage house, so I installed an ethernet card, and it works fine on Firefox 43 as shown here (I still need to tweak my css).

Here are the specifications, and yes this is the OEM install, it has never been formatted. I don't think theres many OEM installs that have been reguarlly used that have survived into 2020.

Some classic software installed on here. If you didn't have stuff like this on your Windows XP computer, what were you doing?

And this computer has something that you can't replicate in 2020. Genuine 2006ness.

When I say "Main Windows XP Computer" I mean I still use this computer to this day. Mostly for old games, copying disks, "using" the internet, messing around with stuff, running old programs, and other stuff.

To be honest, I love Windows XP. It's just an amazing OS, no other version of Windows has been more well thought out and presented than Windows XP.. Windows 10 just feels so dark and bland.

Well looking at everything else, I guess dark, bland, depressing UIs are the "cool design" for now. (brink back UI customization!)

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