This is a problem that i've noticed for a while, but i've been noticing more and more on eBay.

I buy VHS tapes on eBay to add more to my collection, because -- I don't know why, but it's just so interesting. I've always liked archiving old content.

Anyways, onto the real topic here.
Often on eBay you will find listings like these right here:

I am going to beleive that these tapes are legit, real recordings.
They're usually not sold by collectors, and they're usually just a picture of the tape, or maybe a few pictures of the tape being played on a flatscreen tv, and while this screenshot shows some high prices, they're usually only like $5.

Now, onto the problem.

Listings like this.
I'm not specifically calling out this seller, (who knows, maybe he's legit), but this seems pretty sketch.
You might have noticed that the pictures are from a video capture device, something that the average seller doesn't own, I am going to beleive that these are totally fake.

The seller (in general) already has this video digitised in some form, wether from his own tapes, or even from online uploads. The seller will then record this video onto VHS, making it seem like an authentic recording, the seller will make a profit, and repeat.
I was watching a seller on eBay sell this CBS saturday morning tape over and over and over. Every time the tape sold, another tape of the same recording would appear again, and for over $20! It sold like 15 times!!

I don't have any full proof that anything in this page is 100% true.... don't quote me on this ahahahakajsdkkjd...

Thanks for reading this page. I hope you learned something, and if you think I did anything wrong, or forgot anything, let me know via e-mail at .