Where I got my tapes

Over the past few years my TV recorded collection has grown to over... 50 tapes.
I mean, you were prolly expecting more, but oh well. It already takes up enough room. Doesn't mean I won't get another 50 tapes though.

I don't have like... a shelf, or any room for these tapes, so I keep them in these drawers in this cabinet.

I wouldn't call it perfect, but it works.
I used to have them in my closet (not pictured), but eventually I realised that I had too many tapes for the closet, and also keeping in mind that for some reason, I can't lay tapes flat on their back or else they will fucking explode (jk).

Or um... maybe onto the actual topic...

All of my childhood VHS tapes are in some landfill somewhere. So that's hours of 'priceless' footage gone.... shit.
So i've been looking around for VHS tapes to fufill my interest.

Most of my tapes have been found across eBay. I don't ever buy single tapes on eBay. They always cost too much for me, and there's no guarantee of anything regarding the tape that I just spent 50 bucks on.

My usual search term is "blank vhs tapes used", as most sellers tag tapes as "sold as blank".
As you can see here, there's some tapes. I was initially intruiged by the sprout tape, but as if i'll ever win that.

How I got most of my tapes is from Tape Lots, like you can see in the second listing.
I usually get like 10-15 tapes for $10 from a lot. I mean, i've only bought three lots, but so far, all of them have brought something decent.

Buying these tape lots is really taking a gamble on it's contents, but really, that can be what's fun about them!
If I can remember, here's what I've got so far:

eBay Lot 1:

I was really taking a gamble on this one, as the listing picture was of the slip cases, not the labels, and here's what I got:

Some old 50's movies (2 tapes)
In & Out (bootleg copy?)
A home movie of some people working on a house in Florida
A home movie of someone's grandma's birthday
Twas the Night on Disney Channel (yes, thats where i got this tape)
A partial recording of something on Comedy Channel (what is it??)

Alright... not the most interesting stuff. The Disney Channel tape was the interesting part though.

eBay Lot 2:

This one was interesting. One of my best eBay purchases if I do say so myself!
Originally there was some confusion buying this, as the seller accidentally called them "BHS Tapes" instead of "VHS Tapes" and they cancelled the order saying "these arent actually bhs tapes, i made a typo" but I replied like... "i actually want these" and they shipped them over. (thank you seller) Here's what I found:

Toy Story 1 and 2 on Disney Channel
6 Hours of uncut Disney Channel from 2006
A few tapes of LOST on abc
A few tapes of uncut abc in 2005
3 hours of Disney Channel in 2005
Jurassic Park 3 on abc
The Jungle Book on encore
Tape of indy87 but I got rid of it because the tape was kinda smashed
Cedarmont Kids Preschool Songs

I'd say this lot was an absolute win. I don't remember the seller's name, but thank you!

eBay Lot 3:

Here was an interesting one

2 tapes with a bunch of old movies AND lamb chops play along at the end
6 hours of random, chopped up TV from Kentucky
A tape with a bunch of stuff from Dec 1987 or so
5 hours of TMC and 1 episode of Between The Lions
Like 4 tapes of Movies from Lifetime, AMC and other stations
1 Episode of Scooby Doo on Cartoon Network (no ads AAAAGHHH)
A bootleg tape of some movie that I taped over because I didn't care

I'd call this one a win. My favourites were the 1987, Kentucky, Lamb Chop, Scooby Doo and Between the Lions tapes.
The rest was just movies that weren't super interesting, but they did have ads, and were from 1990-1995.

eBay Lot 4: bonus!

I was bored, so I got a random lot of 4 tapes, just to see what i'd get. (It was like $4)

The entire Gettysburg movie on TNT from 1994
Some partially modly tape of a guy riding a go-kart in 1993 or something, that I threw out
Ice Age on Dish pay per view (i was hoping for disney channel again, but oh well)
6 hours of uncut, late night TV on CBS in 1995

Uh... Interesting, I guess.

I will have to say, one of my best lots wasn't even from eBay at all. It was from... someone's trash can.
Yes, during spring cleaning, I was scavenging the streets for anything interesting, and I spotted it---

I looked into the box and saw a ton of ol' vhs tapes.

I saw it while walking around outside during school, so I couldn't just take it right there.
I slipped a tape labeled "expo86" into my backpack, and when I got home, I popped it into my VCR.
And what I saw was 6 hours of television from my home town (i'm in Canada) INCLUDING the broadcast of Expo 86 on CBC.

I looked outside and saw the garbage truck roaming the streets... oh shit...
I hopped on my bike and rode to that house as fast as possible.
By the time I got there, the truck was way behind. I dumped the contents of the box into a grocery bag that I brought.
It was too full and heavy, so I unloaded some easy listening tapes and got on my way.

I got home and started playing some tapes.
They were all from 1984 to 1989 and were all recorded from local TV. It's gold to me! 10 tapes of gold!

there was actually like 12, i just couldnt be bothered to find the other 2 for the photo

In closing, single tape listings are too expensive, VHS Tape lots from eBay can be super fun, you might find some gold, and make sure to spend all day outside on spring cleaning...

Also the day after, I found a treasure trove of NES hardware and games, so I guess my neighborhood is pretty epic
also on the same day, i found an entire windows xp desktop computer, I kid you not. I hauled the danG thing home on my bike...
Aw man, I gotta write about THIS some day!

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Thanks for reading!