Elgato Video Capture Example Captures


These captures are made using the Elgato Video Capture. This is the best quality I could get out of it, although my VCR could do with a head cleaning.

To give an idea of pretty much nothing, each screenshot is from a different year.
Remember that quality between VHS tapes varies, so that's why the year doesn't matter here.

2006 - From an airing of ABC News on WLS-TV. Tape isn't in the best shape.

2005 - From Between the Lions on PBS. (this is my test tape, so I don't know how much i've worn it down)

2004 - From a personal home movie. Looks pretty good, especially being a more recent tape.

2003 - From "Twas the Night" on Disney Channel.

2000 - The quality is better on the second half of this tape, but I didn't want to have to rewind it.

1998 - From a TicTac ad that aired on FOX. Look, I know, but it was a half decent example.

1997 - From Scooby Doo on Cartoon Network. Quality isn't great as this was obviously dubbed off a friend's tape.

1995 - From an airing of "Columbo" on A&E.

1994 - From the 1994 Super Bowl on NBC.

1993 - From an airing of "Young Indiana Jones" on ABC.

1992 - From an airing of Dallas on CBC. Tape is in rough shape, I found it by some trash on spring cleaning.

1990 - Lottery thing from a tape FULL of random Kentucky TV.

1989 - Someone workin on a house in Florida... why do people give away their home movies?

1988 - From a tape full of random stuff from Dec 1988.

1987 - From the 1987 Canada Cup on CTV.

1986 - Television recording of Expo86 (something's happening here) on CBC.

1985 - Television recording of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" on KTVL10, Medford.

From the Menu screen of my VCR. That blue is pretty dang blue.