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May 26 2020

To celebrate 400 subscribers on my YouTube channel, I'm going to live stream the entirety of the BBC Kids VHS tape that brought a lot of you to this channel.

I'll be online on May 30 @ 8:00 PM PST on

I could've done this for 500 subs, but that won't happen until 2030 at this rate, so subscribe, since apparently only 2% of people who watch this channel are subscribed. (thanks youtube)

April 23 2020

Spring cleaning was cancelled because of the corona. I look outside and theres nothing. No VHS tapes this year, I suppose.

February 21 2020

This is epic, my new capture device is here.

Dec 27 2019

Merry Christmas!
Ok so i'm hoping to get an Elgato Video Capture as my next
capture device. When I eventually get it i'll be putting my opinions
in my Adventures in capture devices page.

Also I might be going to a Goodwill Outlet store. Unfortunatley, the
closest location to me is over 2 hours away, but i'm hoping to get a few
more tapes.

After all this time of not capturing stuff, I have accumulated hours of
footage, so stay tuned on my YT Channel!

Nov 5 2019

Yeah... I guess I haven't been uploading a lot. Thats cause...
well... I don't know what kind of capture device to get. For some
reason everything I buy thinking it will be fun turns to fucking
shit. I don't have a working capture device because my old device
broke and every fucking thing I buy doesn't work. I'm just taking
a break for a minute. I hope that uploads will be going fine again
around Decemeber or January, but knowing my luck the next
capture device I get will break immediatley.