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***This page is a work in progress, more old photos will be added as I search for them on old memory cards.

Dec 9, 2020 P3

Current TV setup. Put the teddy bear up there a few weeks ago. I made the little snowman around Christmas time one year, he lives on the TV since 2018. The sticky note is to remind me to switch on the DTV box on these days for timer recordings. Yes, I do actually record modern TV on vhs tapes from the DTV converter box. Using some old-school rabbit ears with them. As of right now, an outdoor antenna just isn't viable.
Dec 9, 2020 P2

Here it is. THE VCR that has brought you every video on my channel, and has worked through everything I've put it through. I love this VCR. Got it from Value Village in 2018, still working fine. It's a Sears 509-30115 which I **think is a rebranded JVC HRA57U.
Dec 9, 2020

Here's a nice angle of the old Philco CRT. This thing is nearly 26 years old and it's still working. You can't say that about your "smart" TV.
Dec 8, 2020

VHS lens flare. Getting these 3 tapes prepared for Christmas time television taping! (8 whole hours!?)
June 19, 2017

For a short period of time, I actually had 2 retro consoles set up here, a trashpicked SNES and a bootleg eBay NES. I'm not into gaming so I gave these to my brother who knows and cares a lot more about games.
April 15, 2017

I'd had the TV for a few months at this point, and as you can see I was really starting to set up home and get comfy. And for readers of, yes that is the Dell Dimension E520!
Dec 12, 2016

The Philco CRT not long after I got it and set it up. It's sitting on an upside-down plasic crate, with a thrifted DVD player on top.
October 8, 2016

A close up picture of the Toshiba unit. I forget the model number. It was already broken when the last picture was taken. It's a shame becuase this thing was actually pretty cool, and had a number of inputs and such. I seriously don't have a picutre of it working :/
October 5, 2016

This was the real original TV setup. The original CRT was a portable Toshiba 10in combo DVD player unit. Sadly it only worked for a few days after acquiring it, before something went really wrong and the CRT would no longer warm up. I guess I know why these combo units get a bad rep now.