tv tape list or just old tapes

tapes have ads unless listed otherwise
i.c = incomplete
got a question? send it over on youtube or by my e-mail (on my homepage)

listed by how the tapes are stored on my shelf (lol)
(these are recorded tapes that i have acquired from many places over the years)

some newer tapes (2017+) are not listed here


001 - dec 1986
 look back expo (cbc)
 chek6 news
 irma la douce
 signoff (?)
 china town (i.c) (king5 nbc)
 king5 signoff
 eyewitness news (1985) kiro7

002 - .. 1986
 expo86 (cbc)
 unknown movie (kiro7)
 eyewitness news 11:00
 football stuff (nbc)

 trains2 - (prerecorded / public domain tapes)
 public tv trains 1 (pbs)
 love toy trains 3
 kids love trains
 wee sing train
 the little engine that could
 historic rail road
 roaring camp & big trees
 hr new hampsphere

 ice age (dish payperview)
 unknown film

005 - dec 1985 or 6 (no ads)
 life with santa (ktvl10)
 pinochio christmas (ktxl)
 rudolph the red nosed reindeer (ktvl)
 charlie brown christmas
 frosty the snowman

006 - .. 2004
 toy story 1 (disney channel) (i.c no start)
 toy story 2
 kim possible
 kim possible (i.c, tape runs out)

007 - april 1990
 The Cosby Show (whas-tv)
 Action 11 News 5:30
 Action 11 News 6:00
 CBS News 32 (wlky32)
 Entertainment Tonight (whas)
 Follow Your Heart (i.c) (nbc wave3)
 Wave3 News Nightcast
 WHAS-TV News (whas)
 unknown film (4 minutes)
 ABC News Nightline
 After Hours (wlky32)
 WLKY Sign off
 CBS Newswatch

008 - 2009
 Martha Speaks (mpt)
 Curious George

009 - 1987
 Family Ties (i.c) (chek6)
 1987 Canada Cup (ctv)

010 - 2003
 Twas the Night (disney)

011 - 2006
 High School Musical (disney)
 Hannah Montana
 Kim Possible
 Sister Sister
 That's So Raven
 Boy Meets World
 That's So Raven (4 eps)
 Brandy And Mr Whiskers (i.c, tape runs out)

 Brave One (amc, no ads on whole tape)
 Lady Takes a Chance
 Magic Town
 Blendie's Blessed Event
 Lamb Chop's Play Along

 Rythm On The River (amc, no ads on whole tape)
 Up In Arms
 Legend Of The Beverly Hillbillies (cbs)
 20/20 15th Anniversary 
 Lamb Chop's Play Along

014 - 1988
 The Moonshine War (tbs)
 Toward The Unknown
 10 Seconds to Hell (i.c)

015 - 1987
 Anne Murray's Family Christmas (cbc)
 Julie And Carol - Together Again
 CBC News Sunday Report (i.c)
 Unknown Movie (kiro)
 KIRO7 News
 Addicted To His Love
 Unknown Movie (tape runs out)

016 - 1988
 Lawrence Welk - New Years 1973 (kcts)
 Nature (i.c)
 Unknown Program (cbs)

017 - 1989
 Lawrence Welk (kcts9)
 Promos, Festival89
 Unknown Show (no start) (kvos12)
 KVOS Kids Club
 Siskel And Erbert (i.c, tape runs out)

018 - Oct 2005
 Bright Victory (tcm)
 (havent looked through the rest a lot)
 Between The Lions (wttw) (i.c, tape runs out)

019 - dec 1988
 Ben Hur (tnt)
 Noah's Ark (i.c)
 Unknown Film (5 mins)
 Jammin The Blues
 Action6 News - Old Records (wpvi)
 Old Records and Film (amc)
 Swingin Soundies - I look at you
 Capitan Carey USA (i.c)

020 - 1992
 Dallas (i.c) (cbc)
 Tonight Show With Jay Leno (i.c)
 Dallas (i.c)
 Fire Things (i.c, tape runs out) (bctv)

 Nightmare In Daylight (lifetime)
 Short Circuit (no ads)
 Quincy (2 eps) (a&e)
 Scooby Doo (cn) (no ads, but has bumpers)

022 - 2005
 LOST (abc)
 ABC7 News
 Even Stevens (disney)
 That's So Raven
 That's So Raven (i.c, tape runs out)

 Lost (abc)
 (havent indexed rest)

024 - 1993
 Young Indiana Joes And The Scandals Of 1920 (abc, no ads)

 Jungle Book 2 (encore)
 Unknown Program

026 - 1999
 The Three Stooges Biography (abc)
 Nascar Stuff
 VIP (cbs)
 CBS Kidshow - Tales From the Cryptkeeper (i.c, tape runs out)

027, 028
 Old movies, havent indexed yet

029 - Feb 1995
 Children of The Dust Part 2 (cbs)
 CBS 9&10 News Report
 Late Show With David Letterman
 The "Newz"
 The John Stewart Show
 The Late Late Show With Tony Snyder
 Jones & Jury (i.c, tape runs out)

030 - 2005
 Jurassic Park 3 (abc)

031 - July 4 1993 - mild tape mold... only noticed this after indexing it >_<
 Gettysburg (tnt)
 Gettysburg Journal

032 - 1995
 Columbo (a&e)
 Highlander (USA)
 In The Heat Of the Night (TNT)
 Miles From Nowhere (Lifetime)

033 - 2013
 Clifford The Big Red Dog (weta)

034 - 2004
 something on history channel, havent indexed this one

035 - 1994
 1994 Super Bowl (nbc)

 Swiss Family Robinson (amc)
 (judging by tape label, might have something else)

037 - 1988
 Home Movie: House Renovations in Florida

038 - no ads
 The Miller Brother's Story (?)
 Lawrence Welk (kcts)
 Benny Goodman

 Home Movie: Ed's Laugh in - 1976

040 - 1998
 Little Bear (nick jr)
   Cat's Shortcut
   Little Bear's Bad Day
   Captain Little Bear
 Blue's Clues
 The X-Files (fox)
 NBC Sports Final (nbc)
 Sports Machine
 extra undercover
 Save Our Streets
 Coast Guard
 NBC Night Guard (i.c, tape runs out)