Unlabeled Tapes 1

I get VHS tapes from all kinds of places, and if you ever go to places where you can find VHS tapes, you're guaranteed to find some good ol' unlabeled tapes.

Well we're off to a wonderful start aren't we.
When I first re-purchased a VCR in 2018, I bought a few "blanks" off eBay to mess around with, and this eventually evolved into me hoarding a ton of recorded VHS tapes, but anyways, this was the beginning.

UPS ended up smashing the hell out of this tape, so I couldn't even play it. I didn't have any spare shells sitting around to swap it with. I ended up taping it back together, and it played, and well... it was garbage.

It was just filled with hours of ABC Family reality TV from 2012.

We're off to a rough start.

Yes, the good ol' Twas' the Night tape from Disney Channel.
I don't exactly know if this counts as "unlabeled", because even though the tape had no labels, "twas the night" was rougly written on the tape cover, much like all the other tapes in the eBay lot.

I had my doubts it was actually Twas the Night (before christmas) because most of the other tapes had mismatched covers, and what was written on them didn't match the tapes.

Anyways, yeah. The entire movie (with ads) is on here in SP. Cool. The tape cuts out during the credits, so no extra stuff, but yknow, can't always have it all I guess.

(yes some of the other tapes from this lot were unlabeled, but it's not like I have anything to say about 6 hours of football from 1996)

So, this tape has a label, but it's covered over with sharpie and white-out, and looks like it's been used 7 times, so still counts, right? I scratched through some white-out that was on the remains of the label, and I could barley see "notre dame 1988", which is certainly not what's on this tape.

Alright, we start out with LOST on ABC7 (WLS-TV). To be honest, lost is actually a good show. Also apparantley this was recorded during a severe thunderstorm, so we get the scrolling message at the top every few minutes.

Then we got ABC7 News, which dates the tape to around 2006. I imagine the previous owner only intended to record LOST, but they left the reocorder running for a good 2 hours after lost ended.

During Oprah on ABC the tape blips over to like almost 2 hours of Disney Channel from 2005, which I wasnt expecting.
Turns out there's an incomplete episode of Even Stevens, and a few episodes of That's so Raven.

I didn't bother digitzing full programs on my tapes before, but these days, especially now that I have my new capture device, and that everything is shutdown due to COVID, I have all the time in the world to digitise these kinds of things, so don't worry, everything half interesting is being archived.

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