Unlabeled Tapes 2 - Nov 5, 2020

I get VHS tapes from all kinds of places, and if you ever go to places where you can find VHS tapes, you're guaranteed to find some good ol' unlabeled tapes.

When I was at Value Village, as always, I found a VCR that had an unspooled tape sitting inside it. It wasn't even stuck, but I guess the previous owners assumed it was broken. Out of curiousity I pulled out the tape, and the label was in a language that I cannot even identify (sorry), so it was still a mystery tape. Since VHS tapes are only like 50 cents, I figured it would be fun just to see what was on it.

I got home to stick it in my VCR, and... The picture was just static. I assumed it was blank and went on with my day. But then I thought about how I could almost see a picture through the static, and indeed there was something -- and then it hit me. It was a PAL recording. How did this end up in Canada? Oh well. I guess it can sit around until I get a PAL VCR which will never happen. The tape was just sitting there laughing at me because I would never get to know what secrets it contained, but then I got the idea to use Google Translate's image translation. Despite the fact that Google is a terrible company, it was still useless becuase I highly doubt the label says "( 2 eucal porse P0320043 but", and Google continues to be useless by still not telling me what language this is.

I found this tape that had a label but there was nothing written on it. ALRIGHT ALRIGHT.

Anyways, this tape turned out to be a 100x tape over random crap tape from Kentucky in 1990, jam packed with local TV ads, odd things, and... Bill Cosssbbyy??? What are you doing here? Go back to jail.

Anyways I listed this tape only because of the funny local crap and bad ads that were on here. It starts out with the Cosby Show on WHAS-TV, and I just love these crappy local ads, they're so GOOD. I seriously felt that everyone needed to see this advert for "Daytona Beach And Resort" circa Apr 1990 from this tape: daybeach.avi, (1.0 MB)

Funnily enough, it has one of those MILK ads that were so popular in the 80s and 90s, this one isn't as bad as the one that CDCB had to witness. Oh yeah. You don't remember Garfield Restored? That was actually THE page that got me into VHS collecting, all the way back when that site was actually updated. I brought up that site on one of CDCBs livestreams in 2018, and he did actually update it for a few months after that. It's a shame that it never really got off the ground though. I should've probably saved that for a 500 subscriber special or something. Oh well. Thanks for passing your VHS tape addiction onto me Chris! Really though, thank you!

Anyways, on this milk ad, instead of expanding your head and dying, this little sister acts like she will be 800x better than her old brother solely because she drinks cow juice. Casual sister!!!! (I don't have a sister)
Also this freeze frame makes it look like she's being transferred to a different dimension, but these were my old captures from 2018 so give it a break.

12/03/20 These videos only work in some browsers, ill fix it soon.

Also I didn't intend on including TWO crapI mean good songs, but I just couldn't go without mentioning this Taco Bell advert (877KB) that's set to the theme of a country song, and it's an absolute bop. I'm guessing that doing a country song was the only way to get the country folk to stop pretending that living in the middle of nowhere makes them better than everyone else, and just drive into the city for once and get a taco. (JOKE ALERT)

But really though, I actually love ads like this. Not the actual advertisement, but when adverts have cool jingles and songs (1.24MB) that aren't just an overused background beat or overrated song, I appreciate that. I think that the downfall of ads like that comes with crap like the Wendys Twitter account (twitter also sucks), trying to make their company seem like it was made by a millennial. *record scratch* wait what? Oh sorry, I was just in a modern advertisement. Record scratch sounds are still funny right?

After the WHAS block which also has News and Entertainment Tonight, there's a mostly taped over movie on NBC WAVE3, but I thought that this frame right here would be enough to make this tape a prized posession.

I haven't digitised the rest, but when I do I might post more crappy local ads. I need to make a page on crappy local ads I swear!

Anyways, the more you know!

I can read your mind, you're saying, why does this page have links to 128x96 800KB AVIs, is this 1997? Sorry, trying to reduce bandwidth, and also, they're my 2018 captures so they look like crap anyways.

Interestingly enough, the Dec 28 1998 Nick JR tape actually had no labels. I coudn't find another tape that was half interesting, so why don't you go read the big page I wrote about watching almost this entire tape: Let's Watch a Tape!

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